How to Build Your Creative Confidence

September 20, 2015

  Have your  ideas flown away because you lacked creative confidence to give them physical form? Do you have ideas written in journals, notebooks, napkins, or somewhere else that are gathering dust because you don’t believe in yourself and your ideas to take action to bring them to life? Did you share an idea with […]

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10 Inspirational Quotes By Dr. Wayne Dyer

August 31, 2015

One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, left the physical realm, Saturday, August 29, 2015. The memories of his numerous PBS appearances and his interaction with Oprah, make me smile. Over the years, his words and his teachings, (when I needed them most) echo in the background of my mind to keep me […]

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5 Steps to Make a Positive Impact On Your Life

August 30, 2015

My assistant , Maxine Malone, at Circle of Enlightenment, is known for putting herself last and everyone else first.  This habit was having a negative impact on her self-confidence and her self-esteem. Here’s an article that inspired her to make a change. 5 easy steps to make a more positive impact on your life Have […]

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The Benefits of Being Curious Infographic

July 21, 2015

Hello there, look what I found in my email, an infographic on one of my favorite topics … curiosity. Rumor has it that infographics have saturated the internet and may not be as impactful as they use to be.  What do you think? Check out the Benefits Of  Being Curious infographic below and be inspired […]

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36 Affirmations to Stimulate Your Entrepreneurial Curiosity

July 15, 2015

One of my favorite mantras (I have many favorites) I shared with my children, when they were growing up, was about boredom. They would say to me “mom, I’m bored.” I told them that boredom was a choice – a state of mind that could be changed in a nanosecond. I would encourage them to […]

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21Curiosity Quotes To Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

June 5, 2015

I finally finished my last blog post on the 7 Cs of entrepreneurial success. The last entry was about curiosity. You are more likely to achieve your entrepreneurial goals if you begin your journey with a curious mind. Curiosity for the business you’d like to start. Curiosity for those you want to serve. Curiosity for […]

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Curiosity Is Vital for Entrepreneurial Success

May 26, 2015

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.” – Bernard Baruch This is my last post in the 7 Cs of entrepreneurial success series.  It was difficult for me to choose between compassion and connectivity for my last post. Both traits are important for entrepreneurial success.  I started a post on compassion and discarded […]

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21 Ways To Unlock Your Creative Genius Infographic

April 15, 2015

  Have you ever felt stuck and uninspired? I did. At the beginning of 2015, even though I’ve written several posts  about creativity, I found myself in a creative rut. Yep! My creative juices weren’t flowing. It was scary … I was being sucked into the black hole of inertia. I didn’t do a blog […]

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What Does A Tadpole Fable Have To Do With Confidence?

March 31, 2015

What does a tadpole have to do with entrepreneurs and confidence? Continue reading and you’ll find out. Did you grow up listening to fables?I did … When I was growing up on the island of Antigua, in the Caribbean, we  had the Anance and Br’er Rabbit stories.  My parents and other adults would sit with […]

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Extraordinary Woman Diane Najm

March 21, 2015

An idea is enough for a confident female entrepreneur. If she doesn’t have the skills, knowledge and/or resources to bring her idea to life, she will surround herself with those who do. The Extraordinary Woman am sharing with you in this post is such a woman. Meet Extraordinary woman Diane Najm. Read her story and […]

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For Inspiration: 23 Powerful Clarity Quotes

March 12, 2015

The secret is out … CLARITY opens the door to your success. Here are 23 Powerful clarity quotes to motivate and inspire you to gain clarity for your vision and your goals. 1. “People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your […]

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35 Clarity Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

March 7, 2015

 Clarity followed by ACTION is the key to success ~ Julie Lewis   As I stated in my post, 5 ways for entrepreneurs to gain clarity , clarity opens the door to an entrepreneur’s success. If you’re having difficulty with clarity, affirmations are additional tools that can help you to get clear. You don’t have […]

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