August  EXTRAordinary Woman – Terri Jay


They say if you are a leader and you look back and no one is following you , then you are on a long walk by yourself.

When Terri Jay looks back, she will see many people following her because she is indeed a leader. Based on the number of votes, Terri Jay is  our EXTRAordinary Woman for August 2009.

Terri Jay enjoys a solid reputation as a spiritual healer, communicator, and psychic detective in both the animal and human world.  She regularly talks to spirits in the course of her work, particularly when helping people deal with the loss of a loved one.

Along with her paranormal work on the “other side,” Terri also works with people who have communication disorders such as autism, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injuries, people who are comatose, and babies who have just not yet learned to talk.

Terri has inspired and helped many women resolve their problems regarding financial, health and relationship issues.  As a result of her amazing readings, messages and life coaching skills, she has helped women remove self-doubt and to become empowered.  She is well know internationally and is an inspiration to all.  She is currently holding teleseminars and seminars across the country to share her knowledge and skills with others.

Here are a small fraction of the people who has benefited from Terri’s gift.

Dr. J. Allan White, DVM – Gardnerville, NV – “I practice veterinary medicine and am a chiropractor and acupuncturist. Terri has referred a number of clients to me. I don’t know how she does it but she is always accurate in her assessments. She appears to have a good grasp of the animals and is able to extract a history of the animal or the injury. She is a good and nice lady and brings a welcome aspect for me to helping clients. It is outside the realm of conventional veterinary medicine but very helpful.”

Dr. Katie Blunk, DVM – Reno, NV – “Terri has brought me together with many clients and helped to assist in the healing of their pets. I speak for them all when I say we appreciate the way Terri has woven our lives together and remain forever grateful.”

Robin J., Las Vegas, NV.  “She helped me to heal from a serious health problem. The doctors had only given me 6 months to live. That was four years ago and I am disease- free.”

Yvette M., Kansas City, MO. – “Terri helped me connect to loved ones that had passed away. The information that she gave me from them was so specific to my loved ones and me. There is no way she could have gotten the information unless she was truly connected to my loved ones. She is amazing!”

Ruth B., Dublin, Ireland – “Terri helped me with a serious health problem that I had for ten months and the doctors were stumped. She nailed it immediately, including the cause and over the phone! I am now fine and feel great.”

To learn more about Terri and  her unique gift visit her web site.

This is a good time to think about your unique gift and how you can be of service to others. What is your unique gift? Remember, there is no one like you.

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