Coaching is a profession of love. You can’t coach people unless you love them. ~ Eddie Robinson

A few  years ago when I heard the word coach, I immediately thought of a sports figure. The reality is that coaches are not just for athletes or the rich and famous.  Over the past decade, coaching has become one of the most sought after professions. Ordinary, everyday people are using coaches to grow themselves and grow their businesses.

There are coaches for all areas of our lives. Here is a  list of  different types of coaches, and there are many more.

  • mind coach
  • nutrition coach,
  • exercise cach,
  • the confidence coach
  • self esteem coach
  • business coach,
  • executive coach,
  • social media coach

Whew! There’s no shortage of coaches but I have discovered,  from a few of my coaching friends that their businesses are not thriving.  A few have moved on to do other things.

What happened? Did they overlook something in their marketing plan? I discovered they had some common challenges.

Here are five signs that say your coaching business needs a marketing makeover.

1.  Your business plan is not even on a napkin

A business plan that’s only in your head … remains a fantasy. A business plan needs to be written. It must clearly state the goals you have for your business. The specific time frame for accomplishing these goals. How you’re going to achieve the goals, and the guidelines you’re going to use to measure your success and your achievements.

Solution: Stop treating your business like a hobby – write a business plan. You can write a simple one page business plan.

2.  You spend more time going through your email than you spend coaching anyone.

Checking your email has become a distraction from the gnawing anxiety of having no clients and you don’t fore see any in the near future. Instead of trying to come up with new ideas and strategies to attract new coaching clients, you escape into the land of despair, email land.  How many pieces of email do you have?  Hundreds, probably.

Solution: Delete all of them – If  these emails have not helped you to grow your business – I’m comfortable saying they won’t.

3.  You have dozens of unread free reports and unused free products sitting on your hard           drive.

You surf the internet and have become the Freebie Opt In Junkie. You have good intentions – you opt in for free products with the intention of using the information to grow your business, but it has never happened. You are lost in the black hole of information over load

Solution: Pause for a moment, think of the possibilities, your business could be flourishing, if you had followed the instructions from one of those free reports – from the beginning to the end.  Choose one and go for it.

4.  You keep buying various programs and you still don’t have any clients.

You’re depleting your valuable resource, money, buying “Stuff.” You buy products for $7.00, $97.00, $297.00, $997.00 and more. There is nothing wrong with spending money to grow yourself and grow your business but you have NO CLIENTS. Buying another product is not going to help you to grow your business.

Solution: Don’t spend another dime, you need to change course. Take action – implement those programs you have purchased from the beginning to the end.  Don’t take any short cuts.

5. You have lost confidence in yourself and your brand.

You were once filled with passion and purpose. You took action to use your brilliance and your passion to help others to live the life they desire professionally and personally. You had confidence and you thought you were doing all the right things but there you are running on empty, the passion is gone and your confidence in yourself and your abilities are at an all time low.

Solution:Find a coach or a mentor, someone who has accomplished what you would like to do. Don’t be like the humming bird, flying from tree to tree, be committed to the partnership and allow the coach to assist you with specific action steps to reconnect with who you are at your core and your road map for your business success.

If you are a coach who is not doing well, take the time to re assess your business and have some specific action steps  for achieving  your goals. However, please consider, as I suggested, getting a coach or a mentor.  I wish you well.

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