A Referral from a satisfied client is the ultimate gift you can receive.

An instructor at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute shared an article with me on “how to turn my first time client into a referrer.” This was in relationship to hypnotherapy. I am taking the essence of those rules and applying them to other coaching services.

You can turn a first-time client into an enthusiastic referrer – if you pay attention to a few basic rules that has to do with human behavior. This increases the odds of you getting referrals, at the end of your first appointment, or after your first few appointments.

Read and implement these simple rules and you will reap the rewards.

Most new clients will have post purchase dissonance, especially for services without tangible products, such as coaching programs. Post purchase dissonance is the uneasy feeling, your client has, that he/she has made a bad decision in seeing you. If the first visit is mediocre, the uneasy feeling will be amplified. This is a sure sign that you will not get any referrals and he/she may not come back.

Rule #1

On your first appointment treat your client like royalty. Be on time, be a good listener, and exude confidence and optimism. You’re there to be of service.

If it’s a face to face appointment, pay attention to your client’s body language and listen attentively. If it’s on the phone, do not multi task, that’s a disservice to your client. Listen closely to the inflection in your client’s voice, and you will know if he/she is pleased. This allows you to make shifts that will impact your client more positively.

Your client must see you as an “expert” in your field.

Rule #2

To position yourself as an expert your client needs to be educated about you. Share with your client the knowledge and the experience you have in your area of expertise. Let he/she know what makes you unique from others in your field?  To remain relevant, you must continue to educate and dedicate yourself to becoming a master in your field.

Over-deliver and your client will be more than happy to send you referrals.

Rule #3

Surprise your client with the ultimate, first time client experience by over delivering on your service (within reason) or give more of your time for free. Whatever you decide, make sure it is something of value and you tailor it to fit your client’s specific needs.

Offer your client an incentive for referrals.


Some may call an incentive for referrals, a shameless bribe, I call it a win-win. The incentive should be for the referrals that become your client.  Some examples of incentives: A discount on future services, a copy of your book etc.  Let your creative mind guide you.

I strongly suggest that you give these four rules a try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Thought Stimulator: One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising ~ Jim Rohn

On you first appointment, how do you cement your relationship with your client?  Please share. Facebook mentions and retweets make me smile.
To your magnificence!

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