Do you know your personal and professionalcore values?

If you know them , are they written down?

Your professional and personal core values should be aligned.

As a coach and mentor, I work with clients who are dissatisfied with their personal and professional lives.  In our first coaching session they answer a series of questions that help to clarify their personal and professional core values.

If their personal and professional core values are not aligned making changes will not produce the desired results.

The idea for doing this blog post came from a visit to a Whole Foods Market.

My friend and I visited the newly opened Whole Foods Market in our neighborhood. They had a beautiful area, away from the main store, for social interactions. The ambience was perfect for chit chatting and people watching.

We ordered pizza and sat down to enjoy each other’s company. After a few minutes, my attention was drawn to the writing on a table – I looked closely, there were seven tables, and each one had a core value statement that was the foundation of The Whole Foods Market organization.

I was intrigued and wrote them down.

I now had an idea for a blog post, comparing  Whole Foods Market’s core values and my personal/professional core values.

Your core values determine the lifestyle you’re going to choose. They impact every aspect of your daily life … what you think, say and do.

Some values are fleeting but your core values, more often than not, stay with you for a life time. Living a life that’s not in accordance with your core values can create discord and unhappiness.

Here are 7 of my personal and professional core values as they relate to Whole Foods Market business core values:

Value 1

Whole Foods:  Promoting health of our stake holders through healthy eating and education.

Mine: I Show love and appreciation for my being by eating healthy foods, exercising, hydrating my body, taking time to relax and connect with my mind, body and spirit.

My personal and professional development is an on going process

Value 2

Whole Foods:  Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers.

Mine:  I Accept and love my children, other  family members, and friends, for who they are today instead of who they’ll become.

I approach my business relationships in the spirit of collaboration and co-operation not competition. And I respect, listen, and give value to my clients.
Value 3

Whole Foods:  Caring about our communities and our environment.

Mine:  The universe is my source and I’m connected, in one way or another, to all of its inhabitants. I look for opportunities to contribute to my local and global community.

I’m an example to my children and grandchildren of  an eco-friendly life style.

Value 4

Whole Foods:  Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available.

Mine:  My thoughts, words, actions, and deeds promote peace, happiness and harmony. I encourage my children  and anyone who will listen to do the same.

I guide my clients to be authentic and to confidently take action to receive their goals, and to remain optimistic, no matter what.

Value 5

Whole Foods:  Creating wealth through profits and growth.

Mine:   I inspire my children, family, friends and clients to let go of limiting beliefs about money. I help my clients master their mindset for success and I’m rewarded with financially.

Value 6

Whole Foods:  Support team members’ excellence and happiness

Mine:  I support my children and grand children in all they want to achieve. I influence my clients to focus on their strengths and master them, and to embrace their perceived weaknesses.

Value 7

Whole Foods:  Satisfying and delighting our customers.

Mine:  Spending quality time with my family and friends is top priority. Professionally, my focused intention is to help my clients achieve their highest potential.

It’s a wrap

Whole Foods Market’s core values keep the company profitable and their customers and employees happy and satisfied.
My happy and fulfilled life, personally and professionally, is a reflection of my core values.Your turn

What do you think of Whole Foods Market’s Core Values? Are you living your life in accordance with your core values?  Please share in the comment section below.

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To your magnificence!