Confidence is one of the keys to living the life of your dreams.

For the next 30 days I will be sharing easy to carry out confidence boosting tips.

Tip # 1 Stretch Your Body

Have you ever paid attention to a cat and observed how it uncurls and stretches its body? Upon awakening … imitate the cat, take a few minutes to connect to you and stretch your body. Feel the joy of being alive; stretch your arms over your head, point and flex your toes, and slowly, gently, stretch your body from the tip of your fingers down to your toes.

Mmmm … doesn’t that feel wonderful? What a great way to begin your day.

I know this might be a challenge for moms; the temptation is to jump out of bed because you have so much on your plate: preparing breakfast, taking care of the house hold and helping your children to start their day.

Try shifting your mindset; give yourself permission to take a few minutes before jumping out of bed to stretch your body.

It will contribute to your feeling of well-being and you’ll jump start your day with confidence.

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Do you stretch before jumping out of bed?

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