Create a new habit of doing 30 day challenges and you will build your self-confidence  …  motivational advice from Matt Cutts,  head of the web spam team at Google. I have experienced the same results in my life from these challenges  and so have many of the important people in my life:  my family, friends, and clients.  has become one of my favorite sites to visit for inspiration. On my most recent visit I found a video by  Matt Cutts.

In his video Matt shares how he was  inspired to do something he had always wanted to do for 30 days.  He then developed the 30 day challenge habit.  These 30 day challenges became the catalyst that helped him to accomplish an amazing feat: climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

It’s been theorized that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, after 30 days you should have a new habit that’s carved in stone.

I liked this video because it was brief and to the point. In a nut shell: try something you’ve always wanted to do for 30 days. When those 30 days are up, try another 30 day challenge and another and another … like Matt Cutts and so many others, YOU will build your confidence.

Watch the video and share your insights. Enjoy and be inspired.

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