I’m not one for looking back, unless it’s for inspiration and motivation.

Today I’m going to share the posts you loved in 2011. They were favored by  my  small but growing readership, Google searches and me.

I’m also going to share some of the post from across the web that inspired me.

I would love to hear what your favorites are from your blog and across the web.

Favorite Posts of 2011 – my blog

100 Tweetable Confidence Quotes

Gratitude Project: Living in Gratitude

Why are We Uncomfortable with Silence?

5 Female Bloggers You Should Follow

30 Days of Confidence Boosting Tips:Day 5 How to Walk Confidently

Little know facts about Martin Luther King

 A few of my  favorite  “personal  development” posts from around the web

A simple guide to having fun  ~ BarrieDavenport

15 tiny actions to strip yourself bare and reveal your passion ~ BarrieDavenport

21 ways to do the unusual / ~ Henrik Edberg

How to increase your courage ~ Mary Jaksch

How to be happier ~  Joi Sigers

A few of my favorite “internet marketing and blogging  success” posts from around the web.

Make your own *Tweet It!* page ~ Michelle Shaeffer

Totally free image sources ~ Michelle Shaeffer

Feedburner stealing commentluv backlinks ~ Mavis Nong

Building a better blog ~ Adrienne Smith at Mavis Nong’s blog

How to prevent a “Red Sox Collapse” with Your internet business  ~  Steve Scott

I have so many other posts that have inspired me personally and professionally, it was difficult to narrow them down to these few.

image credit: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot

Share at least one blog post or blog that is your fave.

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