The Ten Commandments for your success.

Last night when I went to bed, I planted the idea in my subconscious mind that I will awaken with an idea for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. When I opened my eyes this morning, it popped in mind to do a post titled ” The Ten Commandments of Success.” I Goggled it and I was not surprised that there were other articles with the same title but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Extraordinary Woman Oprah had written her own 10 Commandments of Success.

I need to have a talk with my subconscious mind about being more original🙂

At first, I  hesitated about the title of the post because I didn’t know if it was appropriate to use commandments in such a fashion. When I was growing up on the island of Antigua, there was a Calypso called “The Ten Commandments of Love.” Anyway, I gave myself thumbs up to move forward.

I enjoyed doing this post and I hope you get some value from these 10 commandments for your success.

For your inspiration!

1. Know who you are

If you don’t know who you are, you and success may not recognize each other when it arrives at your door. When you were growing up you took on the persona of different people in your inner circle. You were guided and influenced by their voices in your head.

As you got older you began to wear different masks to suit the situation and the people you were around. Get on the path to self discovery. If you can’t do it alone – read books, find a mentor, coach, rabbi, preacher, or who ever.

Choose wisely. Peel away the layers, get rid of the phony personas and silence the voices that do not allow you to be you.

Step out of confusion and step into the authentic YOU.

2. Begin with the end in mind

It’s time to thing about your legacy. What do you want the line between your birth date  and the date you leave the physical world to say about you? Think like a producer – producers begin shooting a project with the end in mind. When you do this, you’ll be inspired and focused. No second guessing yourself as to the career/business you want. No second guessing yourself as to the type of relationships you want to build. No second guessing the type of world you want to help create.

3. Be Present

Practice being present as often as you can. Most of us find this difficult. It’s that moment when you’re not romanticizing the past or escaping to the future. It’s as if you stepped out of yourself  and began observing you. In that moment, you’ll have that child like connection with your environment, everything seems new and refreshing, and you’re part of not separate.

 4. Be Flexible

Even though the producer has the end in mind and a script to get there, the journey may be interrupted by unforeseen events. Always keeping the end in

mind, the producer adapts and makes the necessary changes to achieve his/her results. Your success … as defined by YOU, will be realized if you remain flexible and open to change.

Don’t allow your EGO to stifle your success.

5. Take necessary risks

The difference between taking Necessary Risks and Irrational Risks is like night and day. An irrational risk is selling your home and using the money to by lottery tickets because the jackpot is a billion dollars. Taking risks for your success in its simplest form means to put yourself “out there” in spite of your fears. It’s the willingness to accept failure and try again.

6. Redefine your beliefs

I took this from a song my daughter wrote … I could have said something along the lines of “let go of your limiting beliefs” but her song title resonated with me. Our beliefs fuel our lives. Most, if not all, of our beliefs about who we are and the world are not truly ours. They were handed to us on a silver platter when we were a smiling, innocent, vulnerable baby. Without the conscious awareness to question and filter these beliefs they were embedded in our subconscious mind and became our reality.

As we got older, these beliefs were reinforced by our actions and the choices we made. Become aware of your beliefs. Ask “why” of yourself and you’ll identify them. Why am I afraid of tall people? Why do I do this or that? If these beliefs are preventing you from achieving your success … redefine them.

7. Forgive yourself and others

Forgiving yourself and others will transform your life exponentially. Forgiving releases toxic baggage that weighs you down emotionally: jealousy, envy, hate, grudges, vindictiveness, resentment and anger. Forgive yourself for that bad decision, taking that wrong turn and whatever else you think you did wrong.

No longer anchored to the past, you’ll be able to experience fully the richness and vibrancy of your NOW experiences. Scientific research has proven that forgiveness increases your threshold for anger and stress. You’ll be more optimistic, compassionate, and confident.

8. Be generous

Yes, be generous with your time, money, talent and/or the other gifts you’ve been blessed with. As you climb your ladder of success, reach down and bring others along with you. Don’t force yourself to be generous, choose instead to make it a life style. Generosity can be big or small. Sometimes, a simple smile or hello will brighten someone’s day.

Your generosity will change someone’s life, your community, and even the world.

9. Give thanks and be grateful

When you’re thankful you will vibrate at a frequency that will bring more goodness into your life. That’s just how it works. You can shout your thanks from the mountain top. You can speak it silently. You can write it down. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you do it. It’s telling your source “I appreciate you.”

10. Love yourself unconditionally

When you love yourself unconditionally – outside validation is not necessary. You’ll take the time to feed your mind, love your body and nurture your spirit. Some of us put more time and effort into keeping our cars well-maintained, up keeping our homes, tending our lawns and build thriving businesses. These things are important but loving and taking care of YOU should always be a priority.

Your turn

Which one of these commandments will you use ?

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