32 Creativity AffirmationsBy Patricia Quintero-Pinto at All Posters

Have you had those days where every thing falls apart and your creative mind goes into overwhelm and shuts down?

If, for one reason or another,  you find yourself in a creative funk, these 32 Powerful Creativity Affirmations will awaken your imagination and open up your creativity pipeline. Bookmark this page for easy access.

 “Creativity takes courage. ” ― Henri Matisse

For your inspiration  – 32 Powerful Creativity Affirmations

1.   My creative source never runs dry.

2.   My creative juices are a natural stimulant.

3.   My creative thoughts boost my confidence and courage.

4.   My creativity fills me with passion and purpose.

5.   I am a creative thinker.

6.   My creative energy radiates outwardly to myself and the people I meet.

7.   My mind is flexible.

8.   Innovative thoughts keep me on my toes

9.   I am comfortable with alone thinking.

10. Fresh ideas come quickly and easily to me.


32 Creativity Affirmations

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11.  I allow my creative genius to shine.

12.  I take inspired action to keep my creative spark alive.

13.  My creative mind is my best resource for overcoming challenges

14.  My imagination and creativity are my dynamic duo

15.  I love my unique creative expression.

16.  My creative spirit has no boundaries.

17.  I play with the joyful exuberance of a child.

18.  Creativity makes it easy for me to step into my uncomfortable zone.

19.  The abundant universe the resource to keep my creative spark alive.

20.  I am infinitely creative.


32 Creativity Affirmations

By Carole Stevens at All Posters


21.  My environment supports my creative thinking.

22.  I am a creator and an innovator.

23.  The art of mindfulness ignites my creative spark.

24.  I’m open to new experiences

25.  My creativity overpowers my fears.

26.  The universe is my creative playground

27.  I am open to perfecting my creativity potential.

28.  My creativity is for the betterment of mankind.

29.  I honor my creative genius.

30.  Nurturing my creative mind is a priority.

31.  My creative mind frees me from habitual thinking.

32.  I love and embrace my inner creative child.

It’s a wrap

Our subconscious mind is affected by our self talk. Unfortunately, most of it is negative. With conscious awareness your positive affirmations will overpower the negative ones and make success that much easier for you to achieve.

Your turn

Share your thoughts about creativity and affirmations.

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