12 Ways Your Mind Benefits From Exercise

It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor. ~ Circero

It’s easy for busy entrepreneurs to become so consumed with running their businesses that exercise can lose priority. I’ve been there – but I’m diligently correcting the problem.  Everyone accepts the importance of exercise for the body. But did you know that exercise has a huge impact on your mental health?

You’ve got to take time to move your body for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual  fitness. Adalia

Reap the mental benefits of exercise easily

You don’t have to drive to a gym to exercise. The tips from  How to turn everyday activities into beneficial exercise can make it easier for you to enjoy the results listed below on this week’s infographic from Dennis Wortham’s Pinterest Board  – 12 Mental Benefits of Exercise.

Your mind is a powerful tool for your success and exercise will keep it fit and  flexible for optimum performance.

Here’s the infographic ... let me know which one of the benefits below inspires you to exercise.

This infographic is originally from http://www.treadmillreviews.com/blog/mental-benefits-exercise/

Your turn

Is exercise part of your everyday routine?

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