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Over the years the power of detachment has affected my life in positive ways. A detached mind connects easily to the all-knowing powerful Universal mind for ideas, answers and solutions for successful living.

Detachment and the law of attraction

One of my clients was frustrated because she couldn’t find her ideal relationship. She’s 45 years old and one day negative thinking took over. She became fearful that she was getting too old to find a healthy, loving relationship. In a fearful frenzy she started dating excessively. She spent 6 months going on one bad date after the other.

This may sound counter intuitive but she was looking too hard.  We’ve been told to live and breathe our intention. To affirm our desires several times a day. I’ve given these same suggestions in my posts about affirmations . However, there’s a thin line between affirming and obsessing. My client became obsessed with finding a relationship.

Obsession is negative energy it repels not attract.

My client had amazing results when she followed my advice. I told her to make a realistic list of the “must have qualities” for her ideal partner. It was important for her to connect with strong emotions to meeting this person. Secondly, staying true to her core values – she had to ask her self this question “what do I need to change to attract this person?” Thirdly, she had to take inspired action to make the change and  detach from the outcome.

Detachment empowers,  it transforms fear and desperation to feelings of certainty and knowing.

Magic happened

One of the must have qualities on my client’s  list was to be involve with a health conscious and physically fit man. However, she was neither. For the previous five years she was more focused on her business than self-care. She decided to make self-care a priority. She detached herself from the how, when and where she was going to meet her ideal partner. She sent her intention into the universe and went about her daily life.  She started to live a more balanced lifestyle. She prepared home cooked meals four times a week. She took time for pampering. She took time for the theater. She spent quality time with family and friends. She joined a gym and six months later she met her future husband on the treadmill.

The powerful impact of detachment on my life

Long before I knew there was someone called Deepak Choprarauthor of the “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” – detachment was having amazing results in my life.  There are many examples and it would take a book to share them all but I’m going to share a few that really stands out.

Thirty one years ago my husband in a fit of anger decided to put me and our two boys on a side-walk. I was six weeks pregnant with our daughter. My family was in another country. His dad told me, in no uncertain terms, that we were not welcome in his home. I won’t bore you with the details of our verbal exchange.

Detachment – I accepted my present situation without blame, guilt or shame. I went with the flow. I didn’t worry or clutter my thoughts with negative chatter. I focused on my WHY – being there for my children and giving them the best life possible. This is the mindset that connects you with the powerful, all-knowing Universal Mind.  Call it magic. Call it miracles. But solutions, ideas, people and what you need, to rise above your present situation, show up.

And I rose above my situation.

I went from living in a motel to getting an apartment. I progressed from taking the bus to buying my first car. I said good-bye to renting and became a homeowner. These are just snippets of my experience.  The important message here is for you to understand the power of detachment.

This doesn’t mean I never had other challenges. In this physical world challenges are a given and so is rising above them.

My asthmatic sons

Two of my boys were asthmatic. There were monthly emergency room visits, yearly hospitals stays and daily treatments.  I detached myself from the anxiety and stress of asthma. My mind was calm and serene. I didn’t curse asthma. I accepted asthma. I focused on optimizing both of my son’s lung function.

I connected to the universal flow of ideas and innovations. In conjunction with modern medicine, I used homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and some unusual remedies. I can’t recall where some of the ideas came from – they didn’t come from Google. The internet, if it was around, was not part of my world.

I was called robotic because of my peaceful detachment. I was asked for my staying calm and focused formula. It was detachment, a dose of self-confidence, and staying passionate about my WHY.

Today both of my boys are healthy, thriving adults. One is the operations manager at KPFK public radio and the other is the district manager of American Apparel.

My foreclosure

During the chaotic real estate market of the 1990s I lost my home to foreclosure. I was a Real Estate agent. Our belongings went into storage and my children and I went to a motel.  I detached from my circumstances and focused on the solution and a friend gave us a town home rent free for an entire year.  I never imagined my problem would be solved this way.

My wallet

In 2011 I left my wallet on public transportation. My credit cards, cash, social security card, driver’s license and a check made out to me, for several hundred dollars, were in my wallet.  I started to get worried. I closed my eyes and shifted my energy. I imagined the worst possible outcome. I took a deep cleansing breath and let it go. I focused on being in gratitude. I reflected on all that was good in my life.

I DETACHED and went about my day. The next day someone gave me a phone number to call for lost and found. What are the odds of someone finding a wallet on public transportation in Los Angeles and turning it in?  I called and my wallet was there. Nothing was missing from my wallet. Yes, there are millions of honest people in the world and one of them picked up my wallet.

Communication is 7% Verbal

We communicate more with our body language, the inflections and nuances in our voices than we do verbally. Detachment allows you to hone in on what someone means not what he/she is saying. It helps you to remove the invisible masks to see the real person that’s hidden from the rest of the world.  You’ll know if you’re connecting to the person’s truth or projecting your own wants, needs, fears, desires or something else.

It’s a wrap

Being detached doesn’t mean giving up or shutting off your emotions. Strong emotions are important for your intentions to materialize.  The stronger the emotions the more quickly your desires will be realized.

Detachment isn’t going to solve all of your problems or bring all you want. But it’s a powerful tool that will bring you more of what you want. If you’ve been affirming or doing your best to achieve without success, try detaching from the outcome. Be flexible, what you desire may not show up exactly the way you imagine it.

Your turn

Are you familiar with the law of detachment?

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