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Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem~Brian Aldiss

Let’s continue celebrating International Creativity Month, by stimulating your creative mind, with an eclectic collection of creativity poems from across the web.

Creativity isn’t just about the arts. Creativity is for everyday living and problem-solving.

Be inspired to tap into your creative mind

Poem #1 – Creativity

I love this poem, one can appreciate the simplicity and complexity of creativity.

© Jane
I have no name
Until you name me.
I have no form
Until you shape me.
I don’t exist
Until you make me,
I am creativity.

I am waiting deep inside you
Touch my spark
And let me light you,
Give me life
And I’ll revive you
I am creativity.


Poem #2 – To be Creative

To be Creative
is to unleash the fire within
that at first simmers slowly
biding its time
until it can contain itself no more

To be Creative
is to watch the fire carefully
guarding its flame
until the day
when the roar is needs to be heard

To be Creative
is to listen to the call of the fire
and release the fear
that it is strangled by
and surrender to joyfully watch it dance

Source: Milliande

Poem #3 – Creativity

Colour springs to life.
Regular shades transform.
Endless spirals of light.
A masterpiece is born.
Twisting energy.
Ignition of a beautiful flame
Virtuosity soars.
Intuitive mind frame.
Time enough to nurture
Young creativities future.

Source: Richard North

Poem #4 This is where creativity hides

Hollow out your memories
until you get to the dustiest bits
jammed into the corners
of your spirit

forgotten weekends
beliefs you thought were glued on tight
the way shame ignites
only dormant
never gone

how does it all fit
the wake of a life
so much history
spooled inside us

you wonder what the point is
in all this remembering

but a tree does more than reach for the sun
it feasts on the rain
sucking it like a straw
from its darkest

this is where creativity hides
wearing the mask of your old stories
words and images
the debris of time
waiting to be stitched
into art.

Source:  bentlily

Poem #5 Creativity and beautiful living

To be somebody is to create life

In the virtual world or by physical material

It is to give it a new form

That touches other people’s lives

Because it stirs their emotions

Speaking with or without words

Making the imagination pregnant

Releasing exuberant joy

And fruitful ideas of the heart

Generating new forms of life

To be somebody is releasing others into creative living

By rejecting the self-absorbed life

For a life of generosity and nobility

The great things of a creative life

Come out of small acts of faithfulness and love

Every creative act is created in a generous heart

Not out of selfishness or self-indulgence

Creativity and generosity always result in a work of beauty

by Erling Thu

Source:  Milliande

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. ~ Edward de Bono

It’s a wrap

Be in awareness. Allow your creative mind to be your guiding light. Trust your intuition. Nothing happens until something moves …  do your work.

Your turn

Share you’re favorite creativity poem. If you don’t have one,  share your thoughts on the importance of creativity in your life.

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