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Adalia here, I am the founder/CEO of Confidence is An Inside Job and Circle of Enlightenment.  I enjoy mentoring/coaching those who would like to build/grow their business and make money. I am equally passionate about helping YOU to have unstoppable confidence to grow yourself and make your dreams real.

If you want to:

Discover your passion/brilliance

Start a business/Grow your business

Leave your 9-5

Make more money

Let go of procrastination

Let go of a toxic relationship

Build your confidence/self-esteem

Let go of limiting beliefs

Find your soul mate

I can help you!

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If you are sitting on the fence and you need some clarity.

I will help you to become clear and laser focused.

My purpose is to help YOU to be unstoppable for your success as it’s defined by you!

Send me an email now –  adalia[at]askadalia[dot]com


Adalia always provides the highest level of professionalism whenever I work with her. She is a woman of integrity and true to her word. I’ve hired her on several occasions to help me through personal issues and she has kept information I shared with her confidential.
I have referred several people to Adalia and they are all extremely satisfied with her services. I highly recommend
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Adalia’s experience, compassion and no-nonsense approach to life changed my perspective on what’s possible for myself.  Work with Adalia only if you’re ready to take your life to the next level.  I’ll be back!!  Vickie McConnell, Ageless Renewal, Isagenix

Adalia is the force behind my Mindset Makeover™. She’s the best kept secret in the Personal Development industry? With her guidance & a few strategies I’ve learned from my mentors I’ve been able to catapult to jaw dropping heights. Everyone has been wondering what’s going on. How are you doing this? People that have known me for years are speechless about the growth & my recent accomplishments. Ungenita Prevost Author & Beauty Expert Billion Dollar Beauty