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My passionate purpose is to help you live the life of your dreams. I share resources, tips, tools, and strategies that will take you from being a frustrated, unfulfilled, dream chaser to an unstoppable, confident, courageous, charismatic dream catcher.

Several of my clients had questions that didn’t warrant a full coaching session, these questions were answered through email. I want to make it available to everyone.

A.S.K. and you’ll receive!

That is why I created A.S.K. Adalia e-mail coaching…

Now this is not for everyone. Some of us need full coaching sessions for accountability and achieving our goals, and others even for a simple question prefer personal interaction.

However, if you have CLARITY for what you want, and you are satisfied with an e-mail response … this program is for you.

Prepare to be amazed and satisfied.


A.S.K. questions about your personal or professional life via e-mail. 

Maximum of 2 questions per e-mail. I will respond within 1- 2 days.

The benefits to YOU


 A.S.K. questions that are personal … the same type of questions you’d ask a good friend or  business partner. Those questions that often times begin with “what do you think ….? Do you think I should …?

A.S.K. me your difficult questions or those nagging questions that DEMAND answers and quick action.

Don’t judge your question … you have the freedom to A.S.K. me anything. Your information is private and confidential.

If you’re on a budget this program will help … you choose how much you want to pay.

Sometimes you don’t want a full course meal, an appetizer or dessert will satisfy your taste buds. Even though this is not a full coaching package, it will satisfy your need for those MUST HAVE ANSWERS for your business or personal life.

My answers to your questions will be unbiased and coming from truth as I see it.

From my experience of being a single divorced entrepreneurial mom of 4 children, who was 100% responsible for their financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs (I had to wear a lot of different hats).

The wisdom I garnered from working as an intuitive counselor and helping thousands of people shift their thinking, make difficult decisions, and take decisive action for their ideal lives.

The lessons I learned from building a successful business only to lose it 10 years later.

You’ll benefit from my understanding of mindset and how it always creates your reality.

Lessons learned from being left on a side walk pregnant with my two little boys at my side, and how my mindset: perseverance, commitment, accepting responsibility, laser focus and knowing my WHY, brought magic into my life.

My decades of experience from being a woman, wife, mother, sister, friend,  divorcee, single, unmarried, employee, successful entrepreneur, successful business owner,  coach, mentor, intuitive, mindset expert …

I’ve been in the trenches and I climbed out. I want to share my success tips with you. Practical intuitive guidance, guaranteed to move you forward.

I don’t care what you A.S.K me, as long as you A.S.K. me … pun intended 😀

I’ve made it easy for you:

A.S.K. By Donation.  Suggested donations – $25.00 to $75.00

Via PayPal (safe and secure)

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Send questions to askadalia [at] gmail[dot]com

Or if you want a sample of my coaching  a FREE Strategy Session is a good place to start.  The time is now to stop chasing your dreams and catch them.

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