Whenever I ask my granddaughter how she’s doing in school, without hesitation she answers “fantastic. When I ask her how her brothers are doing, without hesitation, she answers “fantastic.” Most of the time she’s in a fantastic mood. Is she pretending? No she’s not. If you met my granddaughter you would feed off of her positive vibe. At an early age she’s phenomenal at re-framing the negatives into positives.

My granddaughter is eight years old.

What can adults do to experience this happy state on a daily basis?

From my experience raising my four children as a single divorced mom and mentoring and coaching others, I’ve concluded that there are 10 daily habits that will keep you in a happy place.

10 daily habits for the happy you


Give thanks

Move your body

Affirm your goals

Find lots of reasons to laugh /smile or create them

Eat breakfast

Drink water

Give someone a compliment

Hug someone

Feel your feelings

Weave these habits into the fabric of your daily life and like my granddaughter your life will be FANTASTIC.

Your turn

What is your daily habit that keeps you in a happy place?

image : Rosen Georgiev@freedigitaphotos

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