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Affirmations are positive or negative statements we make naturally or intentionally. Whether you believe in affirmations or not, you use them every day, especially the negative ones. (negative self-talk)

Intentional positive affirmations ( through repetition) can help you achieve what you’ve envisioned.

Positive affirmations work because they have a powerful effect on your mental state. (how you feel, react, and your expectations). Consistent  repetition of your affirmations, along with inspired action, convinces your subconscious mind (where change happens) that you’re serious about your intention.

When your conscious and subconscious desires are aligned, amazing things happen.

You’re passionate about entrepreneurship, and my passion is helping you with your mindset for success.

Here are a 103 positive affirmations to ignite your entrepreneurial mindset. Choose your favorite (or create your own) and write, sing, chant, and/or speak them often.


1.  I have the freedom of choice and I choose to be an entrepreneur.

2.  I am a successful entrepreneur.

3.  I am an extraordinary entrepreneur.

4.  I am a champion.

5.  I am living my entrepreneurial vision.

6.  I vibrate entrepreneurial success.

7.  I choose to believe in myself.

8.  I believe in my business and my products/services.

9.  My business has a positive impact on the lives of others.

10. My business has a positive impact on the planet.

11.  I am aware that all I need is within me.

12.  I live my life without limits.

13.  I can do anything I set my mind to do.

14.  I do the work to achieve my results.

15.  I choose to take high-risks to enjoy the high-rewards.

16.  I take calculated risks to grow my profitable business.

17.  I step out of my comfort zone to ask for the sale.

18.  I am a shameless self-promoter.

19.  I write down my goals and how I am going to achieve them.

20.  I give myself permission to start living my future now.

affiramtions for entrepreneurs

21. I practice being mindful for my success.

22. Mindfulness helps me to improve my time management skills.

23. I honor my commitment to my top priorities.

24. I am crystal clear about my priorities.

25. I know how to say no and mean it.

26. I have a confident mindset.

27. Confidence is the key to living the life of my dreams.

28. I am confident in my business decisions.

29. I live up to no one’s expectations.

30. I refuse to measure my success by someone else’s yardstick.

31. I take full responsibility for my business decisions.

32. Taking responsibility for my business decisions puts me in the drivers’ seat.

33. My choices and decisions are aligned with my entrepreneurial dreams.

34. The choices I make for my business open the door to endless possibilities.

35. My thoughts about my business fuel my optimism.

36. I create the real reality for my business with my thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

37. Every day of my entrepreneurial journey is filled with choices.

38. Time is one of my most valued assets and I invest it wisely.

30. I make bold, courageous decisions for my business.

40. I strive to exceed my customers’ expectations.affirmations for successful entrepreneurs

41. I am constantly improving  my products and services.

42. I commit to make buying my products or services fun for my customers

43. I only make promises to my customers that I am willing to keep.

44. I keep my promises to my customers.

45. Everything I do in my business is customer focused.

46. I give personal attention to my customers.

47. Mindfulness helps me hear what my customers are saying.

48. I am a born leader.

49. I lead with passion, purpose, integrity and love.

50. I am open to improving my leadership skills.

51. I build a team that is committed to my business and its success.

52. I use my unique strengths and talents to build my profitable business.

53. I focus on my strengths and master them.

54. I choose team members whose strengths and talents are the opposite to mine.

55. I choose to be humble and modest.

56. I pursue my entrepreneurial dreams with reckless abandon.

57. My reputation is more important than profits.

58. I embrace risks as part of my entrepreneurial lifestyle.

59. I take action to give my ideas life.

60. I choose to put myself in new situations to carry out my ideas.

affirmation for entrepreneurial success

61. I take risks to execute my ideas.

62. My patience keeps me moving forward and constantly seeking results.

63. My patience keeps me focused even on my most challenging days.

64. Each day I live up to my fullest entrepreneurial potential.

65. I persist, no matter what, to build a viable business.

66. My courage, self-confidence and unwavering belief in my entrepreneurial dream keep me laser focused.

67. Each day I make intelligent and profitable business decisions.

68. My heightened awareness helps me to see the opportunities and resources available to grow my business.

69. I condition my thoughts and action for success.

70. I am committed to helping others succeed.

71. I willingly give my time and talent to make a difference  in the world.

72. I make regularly monetary contribution to my favorite causes and charitable organizations.

73. I take pride in building a meaningful business, and solving important problems.

74. My passion for entrepreneurship helps me to move over, under, through or around obstacles.

75. My personal strength helps me to overcome challenges.

76. I am a successful entrepreneur because I am resilient and persistent.

77. My entrepreneurial values influence every business decision I make.

78. Today I choose to be grateful for the success I have achieved.

79. My creative mind turns every challenge into an opportunity.

80. My creative mind plays an important role in all of my decisions.

affirmation for entrepreneurs

81. I listen to feed-back with an open mind.

82. My integrity influences my decisions.

83. My integrity influences every aspect of my business and personal life.

84. My positive outlook motivates me to take calculated risks.

85. My positive outlook motivates me to believe in myself.

86. I choose to accept money as a valuable resource.

87. Improving my money-management skills is a priority.

88. I am comfortable increasing my income.

89. I am a lifelong student.

90. My mind is open to new ideas and information for my entrepreneurial success.

91. I adapt and change course for my success.

92. I do the work to make everything that’s possible my reality.

93. I listen, learn and implement.

94. I embrace technology for the goals and objectives of my business.

95. I am responsible for my success and failure.

96. I make a difference in the lives of others.

97. I am assertive when the situation warrants it.

98.  I surround myself with people and things that inspire me to live  my full potential.

99. I consistently take action to ignite my entrepreneurial potential.

100. I help others climb the ladder of success as I make my way to the top.

101. I am deserving of my entrepreneurial success.

102. I am grateful for the personal rewards I enjoy from being an entrepreneur.

103. My financial abundance is a by-product of chasing and catching my vision.

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