If you had to name someone who was charismatic who would it be? Do you believe you’re charismatic?

In his article written for Psychology Today,  Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., author of The Charisma Quotient: What It Is, and How to Get it, said that when he asked people to list charismatic public figures, they frequently listed, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., FDR, Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Oprah heads the list for present day charismatic entertainment figures, and from the past, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe heads that list.

Most people believe that charismatic people are born that way. (you either have it or you don’t) I believe everyone is born with the potential of being charismatic. Your environment while growing up determines whether you’re going to be charismatic or not. However, it’s possible to become charismatic when you’re older, if you follow specific steps.

Charisma and entrepreneurial success?

People with charisma have greater influence  over others than those without this personal appeal. Charismatic people are more readily liked and trusted before people get to know them personally.

Isn’t this a plus for an entrepreneur?

Charisma is that WOW factor, or rock star quality that  entrepreneurs can use to attract customers and powerful business relationships.

Keep this in mind, your charisma opens the door for people (who don’t know you) to like and trust you. Ultimately, it’s the quality of your products/services, your integrity, and the authentic you, determine the longevity of these relationships.

If your potential to be charismatic wasn’t developed as a child you can take specific steps to change that today.

Here’s how – 11 steps to being a charismatic entrepreneur.

Your charismatic qualities are unique – it’s your essence, and it radiates outwardly to others  in your daily life. Your charisma speaks without you saying a word, and when you do speak, it accentuates your charismatic qualities, and like a magnet it pulls people  in (customers, business partners, investors etc.) and hold their attention.

Tap into your unique, charismatic essence with these 11 steps.

1. Be the authentic you.

Don’t try to be the cookie-cutter version of someone else. Don’t edit your true personality to fit other people’s definition of who you are. If you’re not accustomed to being the authentic you, it will be painful and uncomfortable to begin with, but in the end, the authentic,charismatic you, will be the one people are going to admire, respect, and do business with.

2. Embrace your weaknesses

But don’t focus on them. Focus on your strengths, your brilliance, your passion and master them. If you’re a good cook become an amazing chef.

3. Watch your walk.

Walk with certainty and self-confidence. No matter what’s going on in your life, walk as if you believe in yourself. Walk as if you own the world (you do, we all do, it’s a gift from our source).

4. Smile for no reason.

Well, the reason is not obvious to other people. Sometimes, people will say to me “what are you smiling about?” Your thoughts will make you smile. All I have to do is think of my adorable granddaughter, or some funny happening when my children were babies, or something else, and it puts a smile on my face, even on those days when things aren’t going my way.

5. Wear your magnetic color.

Have you noticed that a certain color clothing draws people in? Wear it often, use it to accessorize and surround yourself with it in your home (don’t over do).

6. Listen more than you speak.

People want to be heard. Listen attentively and show people you care. Your questions and your input will tell this person you’re listening.

7. Give compliments.

Even to a stranger. Make them genuine. Just as important, smile and say “thank you” when you’re given one. Don’t throw it back in the person’s face, or run and hide from it. It’s a gift. Charismatic people welcome gifts.

8. Give back.

If you can’t make monetary contributions to non-profits and other organizations, give your most valuable asset, your time. Share your brilliance, your knowledge, or skills to help others.

9. Be approachable.

Take time to get to know your customers. Be warm and welcoming. Stay connected with your audience. Ask questions and be open to feed-back. Watch your words. If your words aren’t going to inspire, motivate, empower, or educate, don’t say them. Study people and the best way to approach them, this will also make you …  approachable.

10. Don’t be influenced criticism or compliments.

Charismatic people are not reactionaries. Examine criticisms to see if they are constructive, but don’t be deterred from doing what you think is best because of them.

The same goes for compliments. Yes, be thankful for compliments, but you don’t want to depend on them to keep you motivated. You’ll fall apart if you don’t get them. That’s giving up your power.

11. Wear your favorite fragrance.

That captivating, but gentle  fragrance you’d like to have when you meet others, or when you enter or leave a room. My favorites are sunflower, vanilla and coconut. You should have your signature fragrance ( In more ways than one, your memory lingers after you’re gone. )

It’s a wrap

Charisma is not so much getting people to like you as getting people to like themselves when you’re around. – Robert Brault.

Therefore, give yourself permission to use your WOW factor for success as an entrepreneur. It’s a win-win relationship for you and your customers.

Your turn

Do you believe being charismatic is the same as being manipulative?

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