image by Stuart MilesWhen I started blogging, one of my favorite words to misspell was ‘your.’ I would type ‘you’ not because I didn’t know how to spell ‘your’ but my fingers flew across the key board and unlike other misspelled words this one was easy to over look. I’ve edited multiple times only to hit the publish button and lo and behold, I’ll find a ‘you’ where I should have ‘your.’ Frustrating!

My solution was to use Microsoft word to type my draft and use the ‘find’ feature to verify if I was using ‘you’ and ‘your’ correctly. It worked and now I ‘m confident when I hit the publish button.

Here are 15 of the most commonly misspelled words.  Do you misspell any of  them?

Your turn

Have you ever been challenged with misspelling a particular word?

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