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You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.  ~Denis Waitley

The morning after I published my post Spring is a time for change: 25 change affirmations , I opened my eyes with gratitude and more change affirmations on my mind. I had to write them. I couldn’t decide if I should add them to my previous post or write a new one.  I decided on the latter.

Here they are – 25 additional change affirmations. Bookmark the page and use them for inspiration and motivation to make a change.

I am my own change agent.

I am a magnetic change agent.

My change affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not.

I plant my seeds for change. I nurture my seeds for change. I now enjoy the fruits of change.

I love the results that change has brought to my life.

I now have the relationship I envisioned because I took action for change.

I now attract the money I deserve because I took action for change.

The changes I desire happen effortlessly.

Something wonderful happens to me each day because of the changes I allowed.

I am flexible – I make needed changes quickly, and experience amazing results.

My willingness to meet change head on attracts more of what I want in my life.

Inspired changes helped me to realize many of my dreams. I deserve this and I will help others do the same.

I am grateful for all that I achieved through welcomed changes.

I am thankful for the freedom to choose the changes I want to make.

I am thankful for the gift of change.

My openness to change helps me to live my ideal life.

I am adaptable, confident and courageous.

All the changes I make are in alignment with my core values.

The authentic me is fully present because of the changes I made in my life.

I welcome unforeseen changes. I learn. I grow. I live.

It’s a wrap

Take action TODAY to change what’s not working for you. The life you’ve envisioned could happen with one little change.

Your turn

Share your thoughts – do you believe affirmations can help with goal achievement.

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