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“Character — the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life — is the source from which self-respect springs.” ― Joan Didio

It is difficult for some people to take on responsibility, even for the basics of everyday living. Parents run from being responsible for their children ( my husband did and he’s still running even though our children are adults).

Some adults refuse to take responsibility for their lot in life. They remain stuck, why make a change when it’s everyone else’s fault. Let’s wait for mom and dad, teachers and others to fix my life.  (keep waiting it’s not going to happen)

Taking responsibility means owning and doing the work. People are more likely to trust responsible people, it opens door and brings respect.

Even though you may have deep-rooted reasons for not being  responsible, it’s still up to you to find the resources to help you over come it.

Responsibility empowers and rewards. When I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband packed my “stuff” and left me and our two boys on a side-walk.  There was no plan “B” only plan “A”  – my parental responsibility. I embraced responsibility with a smile and moved forward with my life.

If you are ready to take on responsibility and commit to doing the work, here are 21 personal responsibility affirmations, choose your favorites, repeat them often, until one or more run on autopilot in the background of your mind. Enjoy!

21 Positive Personal Responsibility Affirmations

1. Today I take 100% responsibility for my life.

2. I am responsible for how I show up in life.

3. I am not responsible for how others see me or what they think of me.

4. I am responsible for all my thought, words, actions and results.

5. I allow others to be responsible for their own thoughts, words, actions and results.

6. I honor my commitment to be responsible, regardless of challenges, and even when I don’t feel like doing it.

7. I wear my responsibility badge with pride.

8. I accept my responsibility for nurturing those gifted to me.

9. I allow my commitment to be responsible define who I am.

10. My achievements from being responsible make me smile.

11. Taking responsibility for my life empowers me.

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12. I take responsibility for my past, present and future.

13.  I am responsible for my financial health.

14.  I am responsible for learning and acquiring the skills, tools and resources to live my ideal life.

15.  I am responsible for my reflection but not for your perception.

16.  I take responsibility for my set-backs and come-backs

17.  It’s my responsibility to make amends to those I have abused, misused, lied to or abandoned.

18.  I am responsible for the planet and its creatures.

19.  If I do not like where the road is taking me it is my responsibility to get off.

20.  Being responsible is one of my core values.

21.  I am soaring on the wings of responsibility and I am enjoying the view.

Your turn

Which one of the responsibility affirmations is your favorite? Where do you struggle the most in your life with responsibility?

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