Have you ever felt stuck and uninspired?

I did. At the beginning of 2015, even though I’ve written several posts  about creativity, I found myself in a creative rut. Yep! My creative juices weren’t flowing. It was scary … I was being sucked into the black hole of inertia. I didn’t do a blog post for the entire month of January and in February I only did one. I didn’t send an email to my subscribers for a couple of months.

What happened?

I allowed two confidence zappers (comparing myself to others and shiny objects) to affect my flow.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t  matter how confident you are, how successful you are or how much you are in touch with your inner wisdom, you’re going to falter for one reason or another. However, if your core foundation is intact you’ll bounce back. And I did.

Bouncing back

I took time to read my own blog posts to ignite my creative genius  and get unstuck. I spent many hours alone to reconnect to my inner Qi. I used meditation and self-hypnosis to realign my conscious and subconscious desires. I also found an inspirational infographic, 21 ways to unlock your creative genius, with some helpful tips.

These tips are all useful but the three tips listed below spoke to me. They’ve influenced many of the decisions I’ve made recently.

  1. Don’t wait. Be deliberate but decisive
  2. Forget perfect. Act more, judge less
  3. Reset Goals. What do you really want?

 Check out the infographic below. Maybe one or more of these tips will speak to you and help you to unlock your creative genius.

21 ways to unlock your creative genius.

21 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius

To your magnificence! Get Unstuck! Get moving! Live Your dreams!

Your turn

Which one of these 21 ways to unlock your creative genius are you going to use  in the near future?

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