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Action is the foundational key to all success. ~ Pablo Picasso

Are you taking persistent and consistent action for your goals?

Too many dreams don’t come to fruition because of inaction.  Not taking action will keep you stuck. But time marches on.  And one day you look into the mirror and wonder who is that wretched person looking back at you? Who is that person with the vacant eyes living in the land of regret? That person who allowed fears, procrastination, perfectionism, uncertainty, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and lame excuses to keep you from taking action to live the life you want to live.

Of course that’s not YOU because you’ve given yourself permission  to take action, no matter what,  every day for your success personally and professionally. And if your motivation wanes, you’re going to use one or more of these 25 Taking Action Affirmations to give you momentum.

25 Inspirational Taking Action Affirmations

1,  I am always inspired to take action for my goals.

2.  The decisions I make and the action I take are always in alignment with my core beliefs.

3.  My fierce commitment to my vision keeps me moving forward.

4.  With confidence and courage I take action daily for my ideal life.

5.  My positive thinking and positive action keeps me energized.

6.  I take immediate action for opportunities that resonate with me.

7.  Self-love motivates me to take action for a vibrant and healthy mind and body.

8.  I accept full responsibility for my actions and results.

9.  I give myself permission to take tiny action steps to achieve my goals.

10. My dreams become real with focused intentions and inspired action steps.

25 Taking Action Affirmations

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11. Affirmations help me to stay the course in spite of  challenges.

12.  When an opportunity allows, I take massive action to accelerate the desired outcome.

13.  I seize the moment and run with it.

14. When clear opportunity knocks I answer the door and let it in.

15. My passionate purpose is the driving force behind my actions.

16.  I take daily action to keep my dreams alive.

17. The belief in my possibilities is enough reason for me to take action.

18.  I plan quickly and spend most of my time taking action.

19.  I do not wait for it to be perfect because now is the right time.

20. I think it. I do it. I get it done.

21. I eliminate distractions and stay laser focused on what really matters.

22. Self-appreciation and self-determination ignite the fire within to stay strong and never give up.

23. I take persistent and consistent action to break through resistance and get out of my comfort zone.

24. I honor my commitments and take action to fulfill them.

25. Nurturing my body keeps me energized to take action for all that is important to me.

4 of my personal affirmations

1. I take action to guide and motivate others to live the life they want to live.

2.  Being a role model to my granddaughter gives me the courage to take action in spite of irrational fears.

3.  The joy and appreciation I feel for my family keep me motivated to climb my Mt. Everest.

4.  I am action driven to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

It’s a wrap

Are you deferring your dreams?  Nothing is going to happen until you do something.  Make a commitment and put your energy into getting started to create the career, business, relationships and life you want. A coach can help you or use other readily available resources to motivate you.

Your turn

What do you do to stay inspired to take action for your dreams?

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