Positive feelings rocks


This is day 2 of The 30 Days of Confidence Boosting Tips.

Boost your confidence by affirming your successful day.

An affirmation is a positive statement that declares something to be true. It’s positive self talk.

Here are a few examples.

I am thankful for my day filled with accomplishments.
Today, I choose to see opportunities to achieve my goals.
Today, I give myself permission to be me.
I am optimistic and enthusiastic about my day.
I welcome the day with its endless possibilities.
My day is filled with action and follow through.
I appreciate my family and friends.
I give myself permission to have a successful day.
I persist with confidence and courage.

Create affirmations to fit your specific needs. Think of your affirmations as a tool that encourages you to have a successful day, in spite of negativity, self-doubt and  discord.

How to create your affirmation

Create statements that encourage you to have the day you desire.

Write and say them in the present tense.
Use words that are familiar to you.
Use positive declarations.
Keep them short and simple.
Only affirm what you believe is possible.
Speak, think, or read them frequently.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you to make your dreams real. You will become a magnet for attracting the things you want.

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Has lack of confidence affected your life?

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