30 Days of Confidence Boosting Tips: Day 5 – Appreciate You

Confidence: belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities

Boost: to increase, to raise

When you look into a mirror do you appreciate or depreciate yourself?

Too many women and young girls look in a mirror to depreciate themselves instead of appreciating themselves. It’s important to love and nurture your physical body. It should be a priority to do what is necessary for a healthy, vibrant mind, body and spirit.  You should do this coming from a place of love and self-acceptance, instead of criticism and self-loathing

Mentally slapping yourself around when you look in a mirror (or anytime for that matter) will diminish your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Here’s an analogy. You have a beautiful garden that’s rich with herbs and vegetables. You enjoy tending to your garden. You make sure it’s watered; have the right amount of sunlight and proper nutrients.

However, on a regular basis, you stomp on your garden and throw rocks in it. I am sure you’ll agree that this behavior is bizarre. On one hand you’re nurturing your garden and on the other hand you’re destroying it. Your garden will die.

Of course you aren’t going to die when you mentally depreciate yourself but it will affect your happiness and well-being. The frequency with which you curse yourself determines how much damage you’ll do to your psyche.  Down grading yourself will sabotage your success.

Next time you look into a mirror, make a conscious decision to appreciate you. Appreciate your unique qualities and your perceived flaws. There’s no one like you. You are imperfectly perfect. Fall in love with YOU. Speak to yourself as if YOU are your best friend. Eventually, loving yourself unconditionally and appreciating all of you will become a powerful habit. It will keep your confidence level high.

Optimize your confidence level with these confidence boosting tips.

1. Stretch your body

2. Affirm your successful day

3. Eat breakfast

4. Smile

5. Appreciate You

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