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30 Days of Confidence Boosting Tips: Day 6 – How to Walk Confidently

Confidence: belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities

Boost: to increase, to raise

Your body language, the way you walk, tells others if you’re confident or not. Yes, it’s true; you can project confidence with your body through your walk.

If you lack confidence it’s probably evident in your walk. Boost your confidence by practicing to walk confidently.

Why it’s important to walk with confidence

If someone doesn’t know you, they’ll form an opinion about you by the way you’re walking. When you have self-confidence, on a subconsciously level, you’ll radiate it outwardly to the people you meet. Like a magnet people will be drawn to you. They’ll want to speak to you, do business with you, and enjoy being in your presence.

Studies have shown that women who walk with confidence are less likely to become the victim of a crime. I don’t mean to infer that walking with confidence is the only thing that’s going to prevent you from becoming a victim. However, I did an in-depth research and found several studies that came to this conclusion.

Walking with confidence can be difficult at first, with practice, it will flow easily.

Here are nine tips to get you started!

  1. Make a decision to project confidence when you walk.
  2. Keep your head high and your chin up.
  3. Hold your shoulders up and back .(Relax and be at ease)
  4. Look straight ahead or look around.
  5. Make eye contact with some of the people you meet.
  6. Walk at a pace that’s comfortable.
  7. Be the authentic as you walk.
  8. Walk like you’re comfortable in your skin, and you love your life.
  9. As you walk, keep your inner dialogue positive.

Optimize your confidence level with these confidence boosting tips.

1. Stretch your body

2. Affirm your successful day

3. Eat breakfast

4. Smile

5. Appreciate You

6. Walk with confidence

Other Resource

Photo: Flickr – She Walks In Beauty: By FaceMePLS

Your Turn

Do you believe you can tell if someone has self-confidence from their walk?

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