success expressDefault design and determination are the next words in line to hop aboard your success express.

Let’s talk default.

Default defined – (WikiAnswers) A situation or condition that obtains in the absence of active intervention. In computer Language the meaning of “default” would mean standard settings, but the actual word has a different meaning when used in a general sentence, for example: He won that game by default.

In pursuit of our successful life, our default programming will determine how we will react to the different challenges we encounter. It is my belief that our default programming is learned at any early age, influenced by the people in our inner circle and to a lesser degree those in our outer circle. Our subconscious mind is home to our default programming.

How we react in a stressful situation. The decisions we make when no on is looking, tells us who we really are at our core. Does your default programming facilitates or hinders your success?

  1. How do you react when your vision for your success is cloudy?
  2. What do you do when you run into obstacles?
  3. What happens when you are stuck?

If your success is being hindered by your unconscious reactions, changing your thoughts will bring your default programming in line with your conscious desire. Hypnosis and affirmations are two tools that can be used to replace your success hindering thoughts with new powerful success facilitating thoughts.

Thought StimulatorSuccess is a journey not a destination – Ben Sweetland