In my previous post here, I talked about persistence being one of the traits of successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur or not, if you find it easy to give up on your dreams, staying focused and motivated, or you give up when the going gets rough, these 33 powerful persistent affirmations will retrain your brain and help you stay persistent no matter what’s going on in your world.

Choose two of your favorites, or create your own, and think, speak, write, sing, or chant them, intermittently during your waking hours. You can also write and/or read them just before closing your eyes to sleep, and as soon as you wake up. (you will have faster results). Read more about affirmations here and here

For the “unstoppable persistent” you – 33 powerful persistent affirmations.

1. My fierce commitment to my goals keeps my persistence alive.

2. Failure is an option that’s why I persist.

3. My persistence moves mountains.

4. I give myself permission to be persistent and courageous.

5. Failure is temporary persistence is permanent.

6. Rejections strengthen my resolve to persist no matter what.

7. My persistence changes setbacks into comebacks.

8. I am transforming my life because I refuse to give up.

9. My persistence remains unchanged even when my circumstances change.

10. Persistence is my protection against rejection.

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11. I am persistent, patient and productive.

12. Persistence is the prerequisite for my successful life.

13. Persistence is the secret to my success.

14. I choose to be persistent.

15. My determination to follow through empowers me.

16. I am persistent.

17. I persist through my resistance and negative self-talk.

18. Persistence fuels my entrepreneurial dreams.

19.  When others say quit, I persist.

20. When my circumstances say give up, I persist.

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21. Persistence keeps my hope alive.

22. With confidence and persistence I can do anything.

23. In spite of my fears I persist.

24. My persistence turns mountains into mole hills.

25. I never ever give up.

26. My armor of persistence protects me from everyday distractions.

27. My persistence turns a hopeless situation into success.

28. The power of persistence keeps me energized to achieve my wildest dreams.

29. In spite of obstacles, I persist.

30. In spite of challenges, I persist.

31. In spite of hurdles, I persist.

32. When the naysayers say quit, I persist.

33. I persist! I persist! I persist!

It’s a wrap

To persist when everyone around you say you shouldn’t, to persist when the odds are against you, takes a confident mindset.

Persistence is a skill that can be learned. If you habitually give up on your goals or find it difficult to focus on your intentions, and you’re NOW ready for a change, my FREE strategy session will get you started. Contact me today.

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