Clarity followed by ACTION is the key to success ~ Julie Lewis

As I stated in my post, 5 ways for entrepreneurs to gain clarity , clarity opens the door to an entrepreneur’s success. If you’re having difficulty with clarity, affirmations are additional tools that can help you to get clear.

You don’t have to believe in affirmations for them to work. As a matter of fact, you use them every day. Saying to yourself ” I’m not going to make it as an entrepreneur”  is a declarative statement. Say it often enough and this declaration will create your real reality. The good news is  …  the opposite is also true. Declaring repeatedly “I’m  a successful entrepreneur” will help you to live that dream.

Positive affirmations, whether you write, speak or think about them, can have a huge impact on your mind, body and spirit. They can help you to gain clarity and facilitate your success.

That is why I created these 35 CLARITY affirmations.  Choose your favorites and repeat them often.

35 Clarity Affirmations for your success.

1. Clarity helps me to avoid wasted effort and chaos.

2. Clarity helps me to prioritize my daily tasks and to better focus on my goals.

3. I begin each day with clarity for my intention and what I need to accomplish.

4. My thinking is clear, sharp and powerful.

5. My outer world is a reflection of my inner world that is focused and clear.

5. I have clarity for my vision.

7. I focus significant energy on creating clarity for my entrepreneurial vision. It paves the way for my success.

8. My potential, my skills, my abilities, and gifts become clearer every day.

9. Clarity is power. I choose to be powerful.

10. I know exactly what I want to accomplish in my business.

11. I have a clear sense of who I am and what I want to accomplish as an entrepreneur.

12. Clarity allows me to communicate clearly with everyone around me.

13. My intentions are clear and focused.

14. I am 100% clear on what my brilliance is.

15. Clarity opens my senses to the opportunities for me to live my dream.

16. The more I live with CLARITY, the more fulfilling my life becomes.

17. Clarity is an absolutely essential ingredient for me to achieve my full potential.

18. Clarity allows me to have a purpose driven business.

19. Clarity comes to me with the removal of my mental clutter.

20. Clarity birthed my brilliance, direction and inspired action.

21. I have clarity for my core values. They are the foundation of my life and my business.

22. Clarity unleashes my creativity and cultivates my untapped potential.

23. Clarity paves the way for my success. It’s the perfect conduit for my self-confidence and my courage.

24. By my example, I inspire others to have clarity for their entrepreneurial vision.

25. Clarity brings to light more of what I need to be thankful for.

26. Clarity and focused direction is my natural state of mind.

27. Today my intention for my business and life is crystal clear.

28. Today my mind is focused and I have clarity of my thoughts.

29. Today I experience life with confidence, courage and CLARITY.

30. Every day I become clearer about my brilliance, my strengths, and my greatness.

31. Clarity helps me to grow my business with authenticity and integrity.

32. Clarity helps me know my truth and speak my truth with conviction.

33. Clarity comes to me effortlessly and naturally.

34. I am in a CLARITY state of mind.

35. Clarity! Clarity! Clarity! I have clarity!

It’s a wrap

Don’t despair if you lack clarity for your  entrepreneurial vision. Don’t give up if you don’t know where to begin. Do something! One little thing, and then another, and then another. In time, your clarity will evolve, or you can try these five ways for entrepreneurs to gain clarity now.

To Your limitless success!

Your Turn

How has having clarity or not affected your success?

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