It takes confidence to express your femininity in your own unique way and courage to take a risk in not following the status quo. There is nothing wrong with the status quo. It is however, about choices. If you choose to be part of the status quo, that’s OK, however, if you choose not be, then that should be OK too and when you are your biggest FAN you will always have someone one your side. Some one who believes in you and unconditionally supports you and your dreams.

Here are four reasons why you should be your own fan.

A fan will not acknowledge any negativity that is being said about you.


Negative self talk keeps you hostage to unfulfilled dreams and goals that are permanently on hold. You being your biggest FAN will silence your inner critic and purge yourself from your negative self talk and like a supportive fan, you will replace those negative words with powerful empowering words that will ignite your confidence and fill you with courage to take risks to live the life of your dreams.

A fan will defend you no matter what.

stand up
Be true to yourself. Be who you are at your core – the authentic you. Embrace your fears and speak your truth. If you are not being accepted for standing firm in your beliefs –  the late great Bob Marley tells you what to do “Get up stand up, stand up for your right.”

A fan will rave about you.

raving fan

Start complementing yourself, patting yourself on the back so to speak. We all have failures. We all make mistakes. Without failures and mistakes nothing new would be created. So stop putting yourself down and beating yourself up. Rave about your accomplishments. Embrace your strengths as well as your perceived weaknesses.

A fan will give you the love.

uncoditional love

You will always have love and appreciation in your life when you are your biggest fan. On those days when you are not feeling loved and appreciated – turn on some music, dance, laugh, sing and appreciate your self like a good fan would. Look in the mirror and throw yourself a kiss. Look in your eyes and tell yourself how awesome you are. I know it sounds quirky but this is what a fan will do for you, don’t forget YOU are your number one fan. As you become more comfortable doing this you will find it liberating and empowering.

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