My friend and confidante suggested that I should create a fan page on Facebook. A fan page, why in the world would I need a fan page?  I asked in amazement.

I decided to do some research – here are  four reasons that has influenced me to say yes, to a Facebook Fan Page.

1.     Unlimited connections

Unlike your personal profile, there is no limit as to how many fans you can have. Think about that for a second, you can grow your fan base to a million or more. Why not dream big?

You can message all of your fans at the same time. A welcome change from your personal profile, where Facebook only allows you to send a message to 20 friends at the same time.

2.     Building client/customer relationship is easier.

This is one of my favorites – you can connect with your fans without running the risk of annoying someone with your posts regarding your business. Your fans can interact with your site by posting videos, photos and asking questions. With an on going conversation, you can build stronger and longer lasting relationships. This will increase the odds of your fans returning to your fan page again and again.

3.     Non Facebook Members can view your fan page

Anyone who is not a member of Facebook can visit your fan page. They can find you through a link on your website, blog, newsletter or search engines. They will be given the option of becoming your fan and joining Facebook.

4.  Special offers

You can create contests and have special offers and discounts for just your fans.


I am obviously not an expert in this department. However, a Facebook Fan Page is an additional marketing tool that should not be overlooked Corporations such as Honda, Starbucks and Victoria Secret have their own fan pages and they look very much like websites.

There are many other important reasons to have a Fan page on Facebook. These four made me say yes, to a fan page on Facebook.

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