34 Joy Affirmations For Joyful LivingJoy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” Marianne Williamson

This is an edited copy of a guest post I did for AstraSpider BizShaman, she has since replaced that blog with a new site.

One of my coaching clients told me she had no joy in her life.

She allowed joy-stealers ( anger, jealousy, comparing, negative self-talk, anxiety, bad relationships, family, friends, and focusing on lack ) to  suffocate her joy. During our coaching she realized she’d numbed herself to joyful moments and had blinders that kept her from seeing joy around her.

What is joy?

Joy is an internal emotion and exists through hardships and the most horrific experiences. Joy is your soul foundation, it connects you to your source, and it helps you appreciate the constants in your life (family, nature, freedom, your body, etc.).

Recapturing your joy

If you’re having a hard time feeling your joy, or simply want to have more joyous moments, start focusing on the positives in your life instead of the negatives. Begin each day with a mindset of gratitude, and use these 41 joy affirmations to inspire you to live a joy filled life.

For your inspiration – 41 Joy Affirmations for more joyful living

1. Every day my joyous experiences expand.

2. My appreciation of nature fills me with joy.

3. The gratitude I feel for my blessings fill my heart with continuous joy.

4. I allow joy to be part of my core foundation.

4. My joy radiates outwardly to those I meet.

6. My joy is contagious; the people I meet are affected positively by its energy.

7. Joyful moments are a priority in my life.

8. The sound of children at play fills me with joy.

9. I seek peace, joy and happiness, and wish the same for everyone.

10. I am open to experiencing more joyous moments each day.

11. I now accept my joy comes from within.

12. Loving and accepting who I am today activates my feel good feelings.

13. I allow myself to feel joy and appreciation for the people who love and nurture me.

14. I give myself permission to tap into my joy.

15. My joyfulness is a natural state of mind.

16. My joyful experiences are magnets for more of the same.

17. My creative mind finds reasons to be joyful in everything I do.

18. My thoughts, words and action support my joyful living.

19. My service to others brings me joy.

20. My intention is to foster peace and joy.

21. Every fiber of my being radiates happiness and joy.

22. My laughter nurtures my joy.

23. My joy empowers me to reach for new heights.

24. I give thanks for all that I have and for all that’s yet to come.

25. I give myself permission to be happy with my achievements.

26. My joy uplifts, empowers and motivates me.

27. My happy thoughts attract more joyous experiences.

28. Those who love me bring me joy.

29. The simple things in life bring me limitless joy.

30. Positive memories put  a smile on my face and keep joy in my daily life.

31. I give myself permission to embrace joy and happiness.

32. I willingly remove the blinders that keep me from seeing my bounty of joy.

33. Living my fullest potential skyrocket my joy and happiness.

34. I have learned that going with the flow is the way to go for more joyful moments.

35. I am filled with joy as I create my vision.

36. I greet each day with joy and gratitude.

37. Being joyful and happy is my natural state of mind.

38. I now choose to relax and be in the moment for more joyful experiences.

39. As I relax I see the beauty in my surroundings and the positive in my experiences.

40. I make decisions and choices that support and nurture me.

41. My business and personal life are aligned for joyous fulfillment.

It’s a wrap

Important points about affirmations:

Positive affirmations (like their counterpart negative self-talk) become powerful through repetition.

You’ll experience faster results if you have a STRONG emotional connection to your affirmations.

Your subconscious mind will respond more quickly to your affirmations if you use words that are familiar to you.

Feel free to rewrite the Joy Affirmations using familiar words. Repeat them often until they run on auto-pilot in the background of your mind.

Affirm your joy. Don’t allow one dark season or even one dark moment to steal your joy. Take back your power from the joy-stealers in your life.

Here’s to a life filled with joy and abundance!

Your turn

Do you believe positive affirmations affect change?

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