5 Easy To Implement Steps to Overcome Your Shyness

Are you SHY?

“Deep rivers run quiet.” ― Haruki Murakami

Before you accept this label or continue to use this label for yourself, make sure that you are indeed shy and you’re not accepting someone else’s label as your reality. As a child (approximately age 0-7) you didn’t have a choice as to what was fed and accepted as truth your subconscious mind.  Now that you are an adult, you may have (just like me) accepted being shy as your true personality.

SHY: being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.

I wasn’t shy and my journey to my discovery is for another blog post. This post is for those who have accepted being shy as their true personality and find that it sometimes gets in their way of living their potential.

By following the steps below, you can overcome your shyness in a healthy, gradual manner. With a little practice, you can finally live the life you’ve envisioned.

Here are Five Easy to Implement Steps you can use to live your potential and step into your greatness in spite of being shy.

1.  Increase your self-confidence.

When you feel good about yourself, being around others is more enjoyable. When you’re secure, you actually enjoy voicing your opinion because you know that you have something valuable to contribute to the conversation.

You can enhance your self-confidence developing your body image, successfully pursuing your goals, and establishing a rewarding romantic relationship with a partner.

 Surround yourself with supportive family and friends. If you’re constantly around people who are negative, you may be uncomfortable in almost anyone’s company.

2.  Remember that you always have choices.

You’re just one person in a crowded room. If you make conversation with someone, they’ll enjoy chatting with you. You can choose to talk to many people in a group, or you can engage with just one person at a time.

Everyone at the social gathering is trying to have fun. You can do the same! Relax and allow yourself to act naturally.

3. Focus on others.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching a stranger, that’s okay. Many people feel shy about this. If someone makes conversation with you, focus the conversation on him or her. Ask questions about their life, and keep them talking until you find common ground.

Attend the gathering with your significant other or a close friend. You’re more likely to meet people if you have mutual friends.

When making small talk, ensure that your questions are about less personal topics. It’s okay to ask someone whether they’re married or have children. Stay clear of asking for details about their divorce or custody battle.

4. Practice.

Practice often. When you’re home alone, stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you’re engaging in small talk at a cocktail party. Do this frequently, and you’ll find that conversation comes much more easily.

Recite phrases before you say them to a new acquaintance. This will ease your nerves. You’re already used to saying the words, so they’ll roll off of your tongue effortlessly.

5. Start small.

First, attend social situations that don’t require much effort from you. Events such as a comedy show, book reading, or concert are ideal. Once you’re comfortable being in a crowded environment, engage in more intimate occasions that will require your direct input.

Focus on ba steps as you learn to feel comfortable in social situations. If it’s been a while since you’ve interacted with more than two people at once, it may feel overwhelming to go to a party where there will be many guests.


It’s a wrap

It’s normal to experience social anxiety from time to time, especially if you’re at an event where you only know a few people. But you have the power to overcome your shyness. You deserve to discover your inner confidence and experience life to its fullest potential.

It’s your turn

Share your thoughts on these 5 easy to implement steps to overcome your shyness. Are you shy? If so, when did you discover you were shy?

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