I’m not a big believer in personality profiles but they make a great conversation topic. Especially when they aren’t hurting anyone, and there’s the possibility you’ll learn or affirm something about yourself.

Two years ago, I attend an event in San Diego and one of the guest speakers was Michelle DeKinder-Smith, president and CEO of Linkage Research and Consulting.

Michelle did an in-depth research with thousands of women entrepreneurs and identified 5 personality profiles for women in business.

She has written a book, See Jane Succeed, which documents her findings.

These personality profiles are based on how you do business and the various stages you move through in your business. Each personality profile is called a JANE of some kind.

She writes about the challenges  each Jane faces. She shares tips and strategies on how each Jane can overcome her challenges to maximize her potential in business and life.

Here is a brief overview of the 5 different Janes. Which one do you identify with?

1. Tenacity Jane  (33% of women entrepreneurs)

business woman climbing ladderHas the talent and skills for her business.

Lacks business know how.

Has a lot of ideas and passionate about all of them.

DETERMINED to make her business a success.

Business appears to be successful but she’s not making enough


Tips for Tenacity Jane to overcome her challenges

Research before making decisions.

Focus on one project before jumping to another.

Get clear on her goals.

Lose the shiny object syndrome.

Shouldn’t start another project until her business can sustain it.

Should be willing to ask for help.

Study and learn about business, marketing, and planning.

I can identify with this Jane more so than any of the others. As a single divorced mom of four having the Tenacity Jane like personality helped more than hindered me.

Yes, we had cash flow challenges but being involved with my children at home and at school was mega important. Now that my children are grown, I’m experiencing  focusing issues. It’s OK to have multiple ideas floating around but not good when I start one project and start another before completing the first. I’ve curtailed that bad habit. Today, I choose to be laser focused.

2. Jane Dough


smiling woman holding moneyRe-invests earnings into her business.
She thinks big.
Researches before business decisions.
A savvy marketer.
Leverages her time.
Creates systems.
Has no cash flow issues.
Has work/life balance.


Tips for Jane Dough to overcome her challenges

Make it a priority to communicate clearly.



In the past couple of years, I’ve developed some Jane Dough like qualities. Except for two traits, I know how to slow down, and I’m consciously aware of communicating clearly. I learned the hard way how miscommunication can wreak havoc on business and personal relationships.

3. Accidental Jane                                                                                                       

Image by Michal MarcolOwning a business is not a priority.

Starts a business because she has a passion for something that can help others.

Starts a business for reasons other than the desire to be a business owner: unhappiness with a job, being laid off, fired etc.

Values her freedom.

Values her relationship with her customers and clients.

Referrals and repeat business keeps her business thriving.

Successful in business and is usually making money.

Tips for Accidental Jane to overcome her challenges

This Jane needs to be a consistent marketer.

I was never was an Accidental Jane. I was determined to be an entrepreneur. My children were my strong motivating force.

10 years ago some challenges took me down the employee road. I managed the marketing department of an Accounting firm for six years. I had an important lesson to learn. What was the lesson? Financial health does not just happen. Money is a resource that needs attention – earn it, save it, and grow it. Lesson Learned.

4. Merry Jane

Part time or flexible business.

Must have a creative outlet.

Family is her number one priority.

Other commitments are more important than her business.

Money is not her motivating force.

Will not work longer hours to make more money.

Family, Freedom and other commitments are her motivating force.

She’s happy and stress free.

Tips for Merry Jane to overcome her challenges

Needs to grow her business slowly.

Implement efficient marketing systems: less work, more clients.

I never had the luxury of being Merry Jane. Why do I call it a luxury? Well, when I found myself on a side walk, pregnant, with two adorable little boys by my side, being a Merry Jane was not an option. I did, and do to some degree still do, have one Merry Jane like quality – my children were always my number one priority.

5. Go Jane Go

Makes the right decisions for a successful business.

Financially successful.

Actively involved in her community.

She enjoys being involved at her children’s school.

Always on the move.

Struggles with work/life balance.


Tips for Go Jane Go to overcome her challenges

Needs to slow down.

Needs to nurture her spirit.

Needs self pampering time.

Learn to say NO.

Get an accountability coach or mentor.

It’ a wrap

I had fun with this, did you? I took two assessment tests – first I answered the questions based on being a mom with growing children, and then I took it based on who I am today. Just as I surmised, I was Tenacity Jane when my children were younger, and more of a Jane Dough now that they are grown.

Your turn

Curious about your Jane? Click this link and find out.

It’s a free assessment. Stop by and share your results.

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