A confident woman will take time away from her family and friends to nurture her spirit.

She does not hold on to that super woman, no one can function without me, mentality. She knows that she will have more of her self to give.

Your spirit is the intangible force that animates your physical being. It is who you are at your core, naked without your everyday masks. Your spirit seeks harmony, peace, love, and balance. It is important to feed your mind and take care of your body but it’s as equally important to nurture your spirit.

A nurtured spirit will leave you  feeling rested, energized, aligned, and in harmony with all that is good.

There are many interpretations of what the spirit is or isn’t and there is also the question as to whether the spirit and the soul are one and the same.

Here are my thoughts and before I share them – I want you to know that my beliefs are not carved in stone. I am open to – listening, learning, and letting go of old beliefs – if I discover one that is more meaningful.

Here is my opinion – your soul and your spirit are two separate energies that fuel your physical experience. Your soul like your fingerprint is unique and your spirit is connected to everyone and the universe.

In spirit we are one.

This is a topic that needs deeper exploration. For now let’s address the 5 things a confident woman does regularly to nurture her spirit.







A confident woman gives thanks and appreciates all that she has NOW.  She sees and appreciates the blessings in her life. The big and the small, the simple and the complex. She owns all of her experiences, even the negative ones and those she could blame on someone else.

She re- frames them –  to learn, to grow and uplift her spirit.

She is not afraid to love and be loved.  More importantly – she loves herself unconditionally – in spite of WHATEVER.

She doesn’t use the excuse of “being let down in a relationship” to turn away from love. Whether it is romantic or platonic love – she’s open to being vulnerable to receive and give love.

She expresses love daily, with a simple smile, a hello, or a thank you. She gives compliments and allows herself to be comfortable receiving them.

With such daily expressions of love, her spirit remains calm and at peace.

The spirit is a conduit of love and it thrives on love.



Meditation holds her mind in abeyance. It relaxes her physical body and connects her to spirit. Disconnecting from noise and distractions make it easier for her to communicate with spirit.

It’s comparable to spending quality time with some one you love in the physical world.

Such communication allows her to tap into her “soul’s purpose” – the decisions she should make and the path she should travel.

Meditation allows her to have one on one time with herself – namely her spirit. She emerges from the experience invigorated, focused, and strongly connected to her core beliefs.

She takes time to enjoy nature. The spirit needs nature – plants, birds, trees, and water. Nature takes away the material concerns and strengthens the relationship between her physical and her spiritual being.  Even if she lives in the city, the confident woman will find a way to connect to her higher self thorough nature.

Your spirit suffers when there is a lack of forgiveness. This suffering can affect her physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Holding on to grudges, blame and ill will keeps her shackled to the past and keeps her spirit from been free.

When your spirit is free – your intuition will be intensified and your creativity will be enhanced. A confident woman has compassion, she forgives, lets go of the past and moves on.

It’s a Wrap

In this fast paced world – in spite of all the time saving inventions – I’m too busy and I don’t have enough time are daily mantras. It’s up to YOU to take time to nurture your spirit. It’s easy –  give thanks, embrace love, look up at the sky, smell the roses, smile, say thank you, and be compassionate.

Start today and do one thing that nurtures your spirit.

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Your turn

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