51 Powerful, Affirmations to Inspire Entrepreneurial Courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that
something else is more important than fear.” ~ Ambrose Redmoon

Courage starts in your mind.

Continuing my topic on the importance of courage for entrepreneurial success here are 51 positive, courage affirmations to feed your mind. They’ll help you master your courage mindset.

Choose a few that resonates with you. Repeat them often. Read or speak them before going to bed and when you awaken. Anchor them in your memory like one of your favorite songs that lingers even though years have gone . They’ll help you to embrace your fears and stand up to your toughest challenges. On those days when self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, or one of your success-stoppers, prevent you from doing what needs to be done to live your dream, like a good friend, they’ll inspire you to become bold and persistent.

For example, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to share your business with a well-known organization or an  individual that will be a catalyst for taking your business to another level. However your limiting beliefs and self-doubts surface. Your fear becomes stronger than your desire for the opportunity. You focus on what could go wrong instead of what could go right. You lose your courage and create an excuse to avoid the meeting. And that quickly the opportunity of a lifetime is gone.

In situations like this, if you’ve anchored your favorite courage affirmation in your subconscious mind, you can repeat it or them to redirect your thoughts and gain courage.

It takes a courageous mindset for the daily undertakings of entrepreneurship. Without courage your entrepreneurial spirit will not survive.

For your inspiration and motivation – 51 powerful, courage affirmations, for the courageous, unstoppable YOU

1. I am courageous.

2. I have the courage to be an entrepreneur.

3. Courage helps me to succeed against all odds.

4. In times of stress courage helps me to make decisions that are aligned with my core values.

5. Courage is one of the keys that open the door to my entrepreneurial success.

6. I courageously go in the direction of my entrepreneurial goals.

7. I have the courage to speak my truth.

8. I have the courage to walk away from people and situations that are toxic.

9. Today I give myself permission to be bold and persistent.

10.  Facing my entrepreneurial challenges with courage helps me to master my success mindset.

11. I boldly go where my entrepreneurial vision takes me.

12. I have the courage to change the world and leave my legacy.

13. I have the courage to be me.

14. I courageously take intelligent risks to grow my business.

15. I have the courage to say yes or no and mean it.

16. I have the courage to help others live their potential.

17. Each time I embrace my fears I become more courageous.

18. My courage helps me to be present instead of looking backwards.

19. I courageously take action to grow my business and make money.

20. I have the courage to stand firm in my convictions and live a life of deeper meaning.

21. I take action in spite of my fears.

22. My fears activate my courage.

23. I begin each day with more courage than before.

24. I am confident and courageous. I will never give up on my entrepreneurial dream.

25. I will climb the highest mountain to achieve my entrepreneurial goals.

26. My courage welcome changes instead of avoiding them.

27. I Know I have the courage to keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive.

28. I have the courage to do and say what I think is right no matter who disagrees with me.

29. The courage I need to do my work is inside of me.

30. I boldly take action in spite of setbacks. It strengthens my resolve to be a successful entrepreneur.

31. I have the courage to create and live my best life.

32. My entrepreneurial dream is more important, and more powerful than any fear.

33. I have the courage to grow and live my potential.

34. I dare to do the impossible and make it possible.

35. My courageous mindset is my default reaction.

36. I move through, around, or jump over obstacles that hinder my entrepreneurial flow.

37. I have the courage to ask for what I want.

38. I fearlessly define my personal and business values and live my life them.

39. I choose to be courageous.

40. My fears motivate me to achieve my goals. My courage drives me to take action.

41. I have the courage to accept the things I ask for. I am worth it.

42. I love challenges, they build my courage.

43. I run towards opportunities.

44. Opportunities abound to grow my business. I have the courage to accept them.

45. My entrepreneurial desires are stronger than any fear.

46. I have the strength within me to make my dreams a reality.

47. I am courageous. I take action in spite of fears, uncertainties and naysayers.

48. I live a courageous lifestyle.

49. I have the courage and the confidence to seek opportunities and welcome them.

50. I am a courageous change agent.

51. I am a confident, courageous entrepreneur.

It’s a wrap

You don’t have to believe in affirmations for them to change your life. Ponder this for a moment, your negative self-talk are negative affirmations. I’m sure you’ll agree they have a profound impact on your life, in an unhealthy way. Positive affirmations are the opposite, they have a profound impact on your life, in a healthy way. But you must anchor them in your subconscious mind with consistent, persistent repetition.

Here’s to you staying courageous to be of service to others, to market yourself and your business, to network, collaborate, make powerful changes and do what you must do to succeed.

Your Turn

What do you on those days when you feel like giving up on your self or your business?

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