7 Ways to Slow Down to Speed Up
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Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that being busy is the same as being productive?

Busy doesn’t mean productive

When I started my internet marketing journey, for me, it was the new frontier. I opted in to receive hundreds of free products, news letters, webinars and such. I felt the need to saturate myself with information. I was the dedicated student. I was attending the internet school of hard knocks. I spent hours upon hours on the internet and didn’t really accomplish much.

I took a step back

One day as I opened my eyes from meditating, I realized that I had to rethink and regroup. I decided to slow down to speed up. I formulated a plan of action and implemented it.

If you’re BUSY going nowhere fast here are my 7 ways to become more productive in less time.

Remember your WHY

This is most important tip of them all. I was so busy researching and studying how to navigate the internet, my WHY was forgotten and the HOW dominated my thinking.

I reflected on what made it possible for me to nurture my 4 children and remain calm, focused, confident and happy – I never forgot my why. I never obsessed about the how and the how always showed up. This is not hocus pocus,  it’s the truth.

Stop and reconnect to your why – your intention. There’s a difference between focus and obsession – don’t obsess about the how. Your passion and your BELIEF in your why will attract the opportunities and the people for you to achieve your results.

Think and feel

Sometimes we keep busy because we aren’t comfortable with our thoughts and we’re afraid to feel our feelings.  Acknowledge your thoughts and feel your feelings. Be honest with yourself. Address the issues that you’re running away from.

Go for it

Research is important. You should study and learn. But there comes a point when enough is enough. How many more pieces of “how to” information you’re going to collect to gather dust on your hard drive? How many more blogs are you going to read? How many more newsletters are you going to subscribe too? How many more times are you going to question your abilities? How many more times are you going to compare yourself to others? How many different online marketing guru formulas are you going to follow?

Don’t wait for it to be perfect. It will never be. You’ll never know it all. Embrace your fears. Give yourself permission to fall down. Stop worrying about what people think. Stop pretending you’re being productive.


Stop being an information hoarder and become an information user. This is one of many examples: I purchased a product for $997.00 – I knew it was going to grow my business – I traveled to another city, paid for hotel and never used the product. I moved on to something else.

Make a commitment to finish one program/project before looking at another one. If it doesn’t work, then, and only then, move on to something else. You’ll accomplish more in less time.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to mentors, coaches, teachers and anyone who’s going to help you with your success online, offline or life in general – less is better – too much input, from too many different sources, leads to confusion, overwhelm and procrastination.

One says run, the other says walk and another says sit down. You’re like the busy bee, going from flower to flower.  Except, the bee achieves results and you’re not.

Be strategic, choose a team of individuals who are qualified to teach, mentor and/or coach you. Add or remove from your team as your needs change.

Step away

Step away from information overload.  Shut down the marketing noise. Remove yourself from technology overwhelm. Spend quality time with yourself, family and friends. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed, with more energy,  a new perspective and more laser focus.

Get organized

Have a plan: road map, blueprint, or action steps. How much time do you squander looking for “stuff” or being lost because you didn’t know what to do next?

Create separate email accounts for your business and personal life. Have an account for newsletters, free products and marketing materials, and a separate account for your clients and important business information. It will reduce email clutter and reduce stress.

Keep your space organized and have specific daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks and/or goals.

Leo Babauta, of Zen Habits, shares 20 great tools to keep your life organized. Use one or more of them – it will slow you down to speed you up.

It’s a wrap

It’s easy to fall into the “I’m busy therefore I must be productive trap.” Especially when you’re not that confident with a situation, or you’re avoiding an issue that makes you uncomfortable.

Savor the moment. Sometimes, you have to slow down to  gather your momentum for your WHY.

Your turn

How do you slow down to speed up? Please share with us.


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