Six Tips For Becoming An Entrepreneur Infographic

Becoming an Entrepreneur

There are thousands upon thousands of articles available on how to become an entrepreneur. Michael Bloomberg shared his 5 tips on how to become not just an entrepreneur but  a successful one. You can read about them here.

I was looking for an infographic to share on entrepreneurship and found one  (Becoming an Entrepreneur) at one of my favorite hangouts It was created   Anna Vital  one of the start-up evangelist and infographics creators for this company.

I have shared another of their infographics “will I succeed with my start-up?” here. It’s worth the five minutes of reading to see if you’re on track for success with your business.

Becoming an Entrepreneur Infographic

What I like about this infographic is that it encourages entrepreneurs to keep it simple. Sometimes entrepreneurs over complicates things and it keeps them stuck. Give yourself permission to give your  products, ideas, services etc. a big KISS (Keep It Super Simple) and move forward to achieve success or failure. If you fail you’ll learn and you”ll either implement new strategies for success with your current idea or move on to the next one.

Check out the infographic  below

My favorite tips are “use your gut feeling” and “block the doubters.” Please let me know what you think of this infographic.

becoming-an-entreprener-infographicInfographic Anna Vital @


Your turn

I know you have a tip or two for becoming an entrepreneur, please share them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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