Bamboo tree

When it comes to online marketing – and life in general – it takes persistence to keep following your dreams when it seems that everyone except you is getting it right.

Not so fast my entrepreneurial friend, what you’re seeing is the result of someone’s persistence and determination.

Entrepreneurship is risky. Online marketing can be overwhelming, but if you believe in yourself, if you have the courage to ignore the naysayers, if you’re willing to listen, learn and implement, if you’re willing to get clear and have a coach/mentor guide you, and most important,  if you  persist, you’ll be successful.

A lesson in persistence from the bamboo tree

Persistence is a powerful trait of successful entrepreneurs, and even for the growth of a bamboo tree.

One of my favorite videos on YouTube – Inspiring Secrets About Persistence & Success –  shares a valuable lesson in persistence from the bamboo tree. It motivates and inspires me to stay focused on my goals.

 Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

If you have a problem starting video click link

Your turn

What’s your favorite inspirational YouTube video?

To persist when everyone around you say you shouldn’t, to persist when the odds are against you, takes a confident mindset.

Persistence is a skill that can be learned. If it’s easy for you to give up on your dreams, and you’re ready for a change, my FREE strategy session  will get you started. Contact me today. You’ll be glad you did.