I haven’t done “Affirmation Fridays”  for some time but my experience in the past week brought it to mind. I’ve become more determined than ever to resolve my bad eating habit. I’m a late night eater. Real late. After midnight late.

I could say I’m an early morning eater, since technically it’s morning, but you and I know I’d be fooling myself and playing games with something that’s not good for me.

I’m determined to create a new habit in 30 days or less. Affirmations and other strategies will take me to the finish line. My determination, inspired me to create a few determination affirmations to share with you.

For your inspiration and motivation – 10 determination affirmations. Repeat your favorites often, and they’ll help keep you focused to achieve any goal.

1. My determination is one of the keys to my success.

2.  My refusal to give up strengthens my determination muscle.

3.  I go to bed with determination and awaken with inspiration.

4.  I may change course but I will never give up on my dream.

5.  I resolve to evolve and live my ideal life.

6.  My determination is infused by my thoughts, words and actions.

7.  My vision, passion and purpose ignite my determination.

8.  I am determined to live a happy, healthy, giving and prosperous life.

9.  My determination is a goal achieving magnet.

10.  My determination silences naysayers and negative self-talk.

It’s a wrap

Determination is an empowering state of mind. When the odds are against you, determination is the invisible push that makes the impossible possible. Stay confident and determined to live your ideal life.

Your turn

Please share your favorite affirmations with us.

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