Affirmations are the GPS of your mind but you are at the wheel ~Adalia

Affirmation is not one of the keywords for my blog, however, it is one of the reasons why visitors come from Google.

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I love affirmations and it is easy for me to put them together.  I thought it was like that for everyone. However, I have learned that is not the case.  A gentle reminder –  there is a formula for affirmations to work.  Read more about this formula in my previous posts Money Affirmation and Success Affirmations.

This week I will be sharing 25 Core Values Affirmations. It is safe to say that you have “core values,” yes?

For your inspiration!

25 Core Value Affirmations

My inner and outer world mirrors my core values.

My core values influence my personal and professional decisions.

Everything I do is a reflection of my core values.

My goals are in alignment with my values.

My thoughts, words and actions affirm my core values.

Allowing my core values to guide my decisions make my life more meaningful.

My core values are my default reaction to life.

I am true to my values and the life they guide me to live.

My core values are in alignment with my physical world.

My core values make me purposeful.

My core values are not for sale.

I will not bargain with my core values.

My core values give meaning to my life.

My confidence and courage are anchored to my core values.

I do not force my core values on anyone.

I allow others to live their lives according to their core values.

I do not disparage those who do not agree with my core values.

My core values speak volumes about my life.

My core values keep me on top of the world.

The way I treat others is a reflection of my core values.

I know my core values like I know the back of my hand.

To know me is to know my values.

I make no apologies for my core values.

My ego is not attached to my core values.

I  am willing to let go of  a core value if my higher level of conscious awareness says there is one that is more valuable.

Your turn

Do you know what your core values are? Please share one or more.

To the confident  “affirming your core values” unstoppable you!

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