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Those who glibly say, “Money is not important”, are not facing the facts. The average person spends more time earning the medium of exchange called money than any other single activity. – Jim Hartness

So many of us have limiting beliefs about money. We think money is evil. Rich people are mean spirited. A rich person cannot be a kind person etc. I addressed this topic in my post Money Woes? Release Limiting Beliefs For Financial Abundance.

If your bank account does not reflect the financial abundance that is your birthright, through persistent and consistent repetition, these 25 Money Affirmations will create new neural pathways in your brain and turn your subconscious mind into a success money magnate.

Warning: An affirmation is not magic – it’s one of the ingredients in the formula for change.

Formula for change:

Focused intention.

S. M. A. R .T  goal setting.

Taking action.

Affirming to remove limiting beliefs and self doubts.

Connecting with your emotions when you speak, write, read or visualize your affirmations.

If you follow the above formula and you are still repelling money, you should work with a mentor or a coach.

Here are 25 Money Affirmations for your inspiration.

I let go of all my limiting beliefs about money.

I attract my ideal clients/customers and I have all the money I want and need.

The more money I have, the more I can give.

Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.

I am a money magnet.

I am in the right place at the right time for money making opportunities.

I embrace having financial abundance.

I give thanks everyday for my financial abundance.

I am worthy of financial abundance.

Money comes to me quickly and easily.

I allow myself to be financially empowered.

I am not afraid to ask for my money.

I study and learn about managing and growing my money.

I choose to leave a legacy of financial abundance.

It’s OK for me to be rich.

I am at one with having a lot of money.

I am comfortable talking about money.

Money was made for me, not the other way around.

I earn, invest and grow my money.

I have financial advisers as part of my success team.

Money does not define me.

My bank accounts and investments grow steadily.

My money GPS guides me to the road of financial abundance.

I attract the right partnerships and money making opportunities.

I share my knowledge and my wealth.

Your turn!

Share your favorite money affirmation.

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