Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? ~ Dennis and Wendy Mannering

You are the architect of your life – you design the blue print, you decide who’s going to be on your team, the when, the where and the how – for your successful life. Your attitude determines whether you will achieve your desired result.  Here are three steps you can implement to have a Super Attitude.

1. You are in control of your emotions.

You’re driving on the freeway, obeying all the rules. You are at peace and enjoying the drive. Suddenly, a reckless driver cuts you off and scares the living daylights out of you. You are angry as hell and you are ready to start another world war. You put your foot to the pedal and like a reckless warrior you set out to conquer and teach this @%&* a lesson.

STOP – you’re having a dangerous attitude moment

In a New York minute you could destroy your fabulous life – you or someone else could get hurt. You could create an unending pile up. You could be arrested. You could kill someone and/or be killed. You could…..

Solution – Whenever your emotions are taking you down a negative spiral – pause and give yourself 3 deep cleansing breaths and it will help you to relax.

Relaxation is a very empowering state of mind and body – an empowered mind has control.

2. Focus on the Now

Your boyfriend is late … once again. You decide to give yourself a mental slap around – your week has been full of crap. Your mom called and as always , she wants to know why you are not married –  two clients canceled, AGAIN – your product launch tanked – no one ever visits your blog – your hairdresser gave you a lousy hair cut and to top it off your boy friend is late  for dinner … for the umpteenth time and you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore … when that piece of &^%#@#%$  shows up you’re going to tell him it’s OVER.

You are going to call your mom and tell her…

STOP – you are having an angry attitude moment.

You should not make decisions with an angry mindset – it puts you in that primitive fight or flight mode. Most decision made when one is angry, more often than not, is the wrong one and you may find yourself living in the land of despair with an occasional visit to the land of bliss.

Solution – Is your boyfriend ALWAYS late? Is you mom being mean spirited or is she just concerned about her daughter’s happiness? Why did your product launch fail? If your hair dresser is so bad, why do you keep going back?

You know, it’s really not about them – it’s about you.

What is it you don’t like about you right now?  It’s time to check your energy quotient, what you radiate you get back. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, give yourself three deep cleansing breaths – breath out s-l-o-w-l-y – connect to your essence. Forgive your self for the things you should have done but you didn’t and for the things you did, that you now wish you hadn’t done.

Own all of your experiences and empower yourself by learning from them. You’ll have a better attitude.

3. Make a decision to remain positive (no matter what)

A positive attitude helps you to focus on the solutions instead of the problems. A positive attitude helps you to see the lesson in every challenge. A positive attitude helps you to see clearly where you are and what action you need to take to get where you want to go.

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. ~ Scott Hamilton.

Here’s to your super attitude!

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