missed opportunities

As a woman entrepreneur, in  pursuit of your entrepreneurial endeavors, you have allowed  education to become part of your success team. With education on your team –  it is important to allow  yourself to experience your experiences.

What do I mean by that you say?

It means to be in the now – in your present. You have chosen  consciously to educate yourself for your successful life filled with abundance and balanced living. Therefore, for your continued success, don’t be distracted by thoughts of where you could be or pre- occupied by where you have been.

Allow your experiences as they come about – in the now. When you do this, your creativity and your intuition for resolving unwelcome issues will be released. The resources and the people you need will be drawn to you.

If you keep looking back to the client or customer who did not want your products or services, you may not realize that the person standing before you, wants what you’re selling. If your thoughts linger on the relationship (business or otherwise) that did not work, the one that will, may be that person you are looking at with vacant eyes. If you’re consumed by missed opportunities, you may over look the opportunities that are calling your name.

Do not remain stuck in the past because opportunities to be had and relationships to be formed will go unnoticed.  Do not live in the future because your experiences in the now will not be appreciated.

When you make a decision and it turns out not to be the best decision, learn from it (there is always a positive in every experience) and with confidence move on. You inner guide will enlighten you with new ideas and empower you with new experiences

Allow yourself to experience your experiences – for your successful life filled with an abundance of love, money and all that you desire.

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