Do you believe it’s possible to live a balanced life?

What exactly is balanced living? My old Newsletter was called “Balanced Living Now” – the tag line was “massage your mind, love your body, nurture your spirit, and manifest your money.”

I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles. ~ Zig Ziglar

My friend told me that  it was impossible to live a balanced life and one of my subscribers, a fitness coach, for those 50 and older, wanted to become my client  but he had a problem, he said to me “ aren’t you 50 lbs over weight?” I answered “aha.”  He informed me that he couldn’t work with me because of my weight. He felt my newsletter was misleading because I didn’t love my body.

HUH!!! I respect his opinion but HUH!!! Again!  Do I have to be a particular size before I love my body? Not in my world.

My focus with my old Newsletter was to share with entrepreneurs simple tips that would help them to live a life that was balanced … in other words, a life style that didn’t focus on one area of life to the exclusion of others.

Keeping that intention alive, today, I’m going to share with you 10 areas of your life that need attention to keep your life focused and balanced … balance, in my book, does not mean equal, it means some time.

Identify the area(s) you need to give attention and do something about it now.

10 important areas of your life


This is self explanatory. What are you doing to keep you and your family, if you have one, in optimum health and fitness? Don’t go for the week-end warrior mentality or the all or nothing mindset: I’m either not taking care of me or I’m obsessing about my health and fitness. Strive for the middle of the road and make it a life style.

Spiritual Wellness

Connect to a source that has nothing to do with the physical world. This could be from a religious perceptive but it doesn’t have to be. Meditation, prayer, volunteering, sharing and caring are a few of the many ways you can contribute to your spiritual wellness. Choose your modality and practice spiritual wellness on a regular basis.


Take time to be with your family and friends.  Relationships are strengthened and trust earned the quality not the quantity of time spent with loved ones. Make it a priority.

Personal Growth & Development

It’s me time. This calls for a song *me, me, me, me, me.* 🙂

You are perfect and you’re also perfection in the making. Improve your relationship skills, master your brilliance. Attend seminars, lectures, read, create good habits and do what you need to do to perfect your potential.

Romantic Relationship

Take time to build and grow a strong emotional, physical, and intimate connection with your significant other. Quality time, mutual respect, support, common interests and friendship are important ingredients to keep your romantic relationship vibrant

Emotional Health

How confident are you about your abilities. How is your self esteem? Make it a priority to do things that will make you feel good about you and your life.

Financial Health

Know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you’re not savvy about financial matters, hire someone who is. Too many people make bad decisions about their finances because of limiting beliefs. Something I am trying to help my youngest son to over come. Where did he get that from? It must be a bad habit from a previous life? 🙂

On a serious note, it’s important, if not more important, to take care of your finances … just like you take care of your car. Don’t just blindly earn and spend your money. Be diligent and monitor your spending, saving and investing habits.


Follow your bliss and do what you want to do. Choose a path to make money that’s connected to your core values. Enjoy the process, serve others and make money.


Busy entrepreneurs and business owners tend to put this one on the back burner. Don’t do it. Take time to re-charge your self. Step away from what you’re doing for some fun. It could be something as simple as playing hide and seek with a child (what I do with my granddaughter) or something as involved as taking a trip. Fun and leisure will reduce stress. You’ll have a fresh point of view about your life. You’ll be more productive. You’ll have the happiness glow that makes you a magnet for the positives you want in your life.

Creative Outlet

Do you have one? You don’t have to be the best. You don’t have to make money with it (it’s OK if you do). If you don’t have one – you don’t have to look far … it’s inside of you and more often than not, you’ve being doing it since you were a child.

Take time for your creative outlet. 5 minutes per day. Once per week! Your choice! Allow your creative juice to flow!

 It’s a wrap

When you give the important areas of your life some attention, you’ll strengthen the connection between your mind, body and spirit. You’ll have more clarity for setting goals that are harmonious instead of conflicting.

End result is that you will experience a more peaceful and harmonious life.

Your turn

Which area of your life gets the least attention and which gets the most?

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image : David Castillo Dominici@freedigital