Body language experts say:

When you pay attention to your clients’ body language, especially their feet, you’re going to get valuable information about your clients’ mindset.

Pay attention to your clients’ feet and you will grow your business.

Do you pay attention to your clients’ body language?

When I meet a client in person, I pay close attention to their eyes, facial expressions and overall body language, for clues to his/her frame of mind. I never knew that their feet, themselves, gave clues about their mindset.

Most of us are aware that we reveal ourselves through our hands, arms, eyes and facial expressions. Therefore, we will attempt to control these body movements. However, movements from the lower part of our bodies are ignored and that is why the feet are more accurate in telling what’s on a person’s mind.

Is your client paying attention to you? Check their feet – their feet speak louder than their words.

A person’s feet points in the direction of the person or thing that has his/her attention.

Next time you are with your client … look at the feet, if they are pointing away from you, change something, your offer, your words, something … your client is not into you.

You’re speaking to your client, from your point of view, you are giving amazing advice, then you hear a sound and you realize that your client is tapping his/her feet. You’re wondering: What’s going on. Your client may bored or expressing “I can’t wait to get away from you.”

You invite your client to sit and he/she sits down with legs stretched out with the soles of the feet showing … he/she may be very comfortable or telling you who’s running the show.

Your client may be timid – if he/she sits or stands with the feet close together.

Your client is showing confidence if he/she is sitting or standing with the legs open.

If your clients’ feet are pointing towards you … relax, he/she is into you.

Ian Justin of Body Language Signals Says:

How Can You Read What People Think?

A single word, itself, has many possible meanings. In the dictionary, you’ll find several likely meanings for each word.

To know the correct meaning, you simply look at:
– other words in the same sentence and
– the context of the sentence.

Reading body language is as simple. A body language signal itself can mean many things.

To know which meaning is correct, you need to look at:
– other signals that could have the same meaning (at least 2 or 3) and
– the context of the situation (environment and conversation).

This is the golden rule of reading body language.


In 1971 Albert Mehrabian undertook a study and concluded that:

  • Words (the literal meaning) account for 7% of the overall message
  • Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the overall message
  • Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message

Based on this study, body language is the most important tool for communication.

There has been some controversy about the findings of Albert Mehrabian. Being challenged is the percentages allocated to each form of communication, whether body language is the MOST important tool of communication, and whether it can be applied universally.

What’s not being challenged – the importance of body language as a form of communication.

Paying attention to your clients’ body language, especially their feet, will give you clues about your clients’ frame of mind. This will help you to make decisions that will either bring you more clients or help you to keep those you already have.

Equally important, pay attention to the language of your feet, what are they saying to your clients?

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