Are you struggling to build your team as a network marketer? If the answer is yes, this book “If My Product is so Great How Come I can’t Sell it” will give you new insights and stellar ideas to grow your business.

During my Ask Adalia section of The N.E.W.S (The New Entrepreneur Weekly Summit) at LA Talk Live Radio, I suggested that network marketers should not be so anxious to add just anyone to their team. They should choose people who are motivated and imaginative. Ideal team members are those who are willing to take advice and contribute not only to their success but to the success of the team.

I gave two tips to determine if the person will be an asset or a liability to your team.

Say no to the liability. Go for quality instead of quantity. Why spend time with someone who is just wasting your time.

Here is the expanded version of my two suggestions:

Have potential team members share ideas for growing their business. The quality of the idea isn’t as important as your future team member’s ability to tap into their imagination and come back with something.

You should also ask them to read a chapter of “If My Product is so Great How Come I can’t Sell It” Kim Klaver.

Kim Klaver wrote “If My Product is so Great How Come I can’t Sell It” in 2005, and it’s still relevant today. This book isn’t just for network marketers, all types of entrepreneurs and brick and mortar businesses can utilize this information to get more clients and customers.

You’ll get tremendous value from reading this book.

Kim gives ideas to identify your target audience, how to speak to them using the language that will create an ongoing profitable relationship. They will eagerly look forward to your new products and services and will be happy to purchase them.

If you’re struggling with your network marketing efforts, If you’re struggling to get customers/clients for your business, add this book to your “Success Toolkit” and you’ll have a breakthrough, guaranteed.

Your Turn

What strategies do you use to grow your business?

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