Ted.com  is one of my favorite sites to visit for inspiration. On a recent visit I found a video by  Matt Cutts  – on how to create a new habit with 30 day challenges that build your self-confidence.

In this video, Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google, shares that being in a rut lead him to follow the teachings of, Morgan Spurlock (American film-maker), to try something new for 30 days.

He did numerous 30-day challenges. Including taking a photograph, every day, for 30 days. He developed the 30-day challenge habit. Then, something amazing happened, the challenges unleashed his self-confidence.

These 30-day challenges and his new attitude of self-confidence were the catalyst that helped him to accomplish an astounding feat … climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

A 30-day challenge is another tool you can use to build your confidence. Click To TweetTry something you’ve always wanted to do for 30 days. When those 30 days are up, try another 30-day challenge, and another and another … like Matt Cutts and so many others, you’ll unleash your confidence.

Watch the video and share your insights. Enjoy and be inspired.

It’s a wrap
It’s theorized that it takes 21 consecutive days to create a new habit.Try Something New for 30 days and you'll build your self-confidence. Click To Tweet

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge?  My 21 Days of Confidence Boosting Tips is a good place to start.

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