Are you an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is not for everyone – some individuals   choose not to deal with the stress and uncertainty that are part of the entrepreneurial landscape but for ME the rewards are so worth it.

My mother was an entrepreneur, I know … I am being redundant,  I have mentioned this in several of my posts, one that comes to mind is Successful Female Entrepreneurs.  My mother was a successful entrepreneur. She was my strongest entrepreneurial influence.  I don’t think that was her intention, she wanted me to be a dentist. Can dentists moonlight as an entrepreneurs?

I am always keeping my eyes open for inspirational videos about entrepreneurship and I found one that was created by i4cCampaign  – it encourages and inspires women entrepreneurs.

For your inspiration!

Woman, thy name is entrepreneur video

Just a minute, I found another video – the first video is my favorite but this second one has some inspirational moments.


Your turn

What did you take away from either one of these videos?

image by: stockimages

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