What does Confidence  and beauty have to do with the Twilight Zone? It’s fascinating read on.

There was an episode of Twilight Zone that even today brings a smile to my face…the message is timeless. It was about a woman who was not accepted the people in her world . The reason why she was not accepted had something to do with her face.  Exactly what was wrong with her face,  remained a mystery, until the end.

This is a classic and thought stimulating episode of the Twilight Zone. All of the characters faces were  in the shadows…except for the woman… she was in the hospital bed, her face and head were covered with a bandage.

She was crying buckets of tears  – she wanted to have a beautiful face.  She wanted to be accepted.  She wanted to have freedom of movement – her freedom was restricted because of her face.  She recalled, in heart felt agony,  a time when a little girl ran from her because of her  face.  Her confidence was not just low, it was dormant and her self esteem was shot.

Her value was based solely on her face…a tragedy in any dimension.

She had several unsuccessful operations to make her face “normal.”  She was in the hospital – attempting operation eleven.  She  really wanted to be BEAUTIFUL. But more than that, the law demanded that her face be molded to fit a particular standard –  what is the standard?  The audience was held in a suspenseful grip.

This was her final chance to be beautiful and acceptable – if this operation did not work –  the doctor told her she had to leave town.  She was not welcome.  She was an outcast.  She had to GO.

I felt this woman’s pain. Her suffering…as far as I could see every part of her body was  “normal.” I wondered to myself with anxious anticipation…what could be wrong with her face?

The doctor and nurses in the hospital,  with their faces in the shadow, made brutal statements:

  • Why does she want to live?
  • Some people will do anything to live.
  • Her face is a lump of flesh.

When I watched this show for the first time – I was riveted, I could not bear the suspense of not knowing.  At the end of the show…leave it to Rod Serling, to clobber you with a life lesson.

When her bandage was removed, the doctor and nurses turned away with disgust and horror. Oh no, she looked the same. The woman wailed like a banshee, she sobbed and sobbed some more and finally her face was revealed – this unhappy woman had a face that today’s standard would be called “beautiful.”

But not in this world – in this world she was considered the out cast.  She was not welcomed – she did not fit in.  As a matter of fact they thought she was downright ugly. By law, they had to get rid of her.  Anyone, who had a face like Serling’s character, had to live in another isolated town.

She was judged one thing and one thing only, her face. It did not matter that in essence, she was their equal. It did not matter that she had the same complexion. It did not matter that she was in pain. They did not care that she had value.  They did not care about her suffering.  She had to go…her face was grotesque and it did not fit in with the norm.

The details for this show are somewhat foggy…I watched it several years ago.  But the message was clear – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You should not depend on outward validation to give you value.  The definition of beauty changes – one day your look is in and another day your look is out

You are not an inanimate object –

You can’t change your facial structure on a whim (I know some try).  Your looks does not define you.  It’s not your essence or who you are at the core. When you have self confidence – your beauty is defined YOU.

This woman did not want to be beautiful for the sake of being beautiful – she wanted to have freedom. The freedom to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Her movements were restricted because she was not good enough.

In today’s world –  you have the freedom of choice and yes, acceptance others is a wonderful thing. However, if you don’t get it – your world should not crumble. Unlike the Twilight Zone character –  no one can lawfully banish you because they do not like your appearance.

However, on a daily basis, I see so many trying to fit in – losing their identity – their authenticity. In a land of freedom, where you are free to be…one would think, this would be a non issue.

Confidence is timeless and when you have confidence in yourself…even though you may respect others people’s opinion…it easy for you to remain authentic and keep on loving you.

By the way, the doctor and the nurses – had faces that were distorted and pig like – today’s standard – they would be the ugly ones.

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Are You a fan of the Twilight Zone?  Do you think the woman had choices? Do you think she should have told them to get lost – that she loved her face and she would much rather leave than try to fit in. Share your thoughts and I have a shameless request – could you please share this with your friends.

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